May 24

You Are The Kingdom LAW! The Devil is an Outlaw, Enforce Justice !


When we command JUSTICE we are telling demonic forces to release everything the blood of Jesus paid for us to have.


These things are health, healing, wealth, the Holy Spirit, fellowship, visiting heaven, gaining wisdom, victory over death, and much much more. The word of God is settled in heaven now it is our job to settle it on earth. We are to enforce the eternal purposes Jesus accomplished on the cross. God has given us HIS Holy Spirit to empower us to do that. The first step to settling His Word on earth is to agree with the Word of God.

We live by what God says. Knowing and believing what He said gives us power and authority to command the devil. Jesus resisted the devil by saying: “It is WRITTEN.” (Hos 4: 6) but today the word says:

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Get into the word and find out what Jesus did on the cross for you. Take what is yours. Nothing on this earth belongs to the devil.

Knowing your rights (what Jesus accomplished on the cross to give you) as a Son of God and BELIEVING who you are IN HIM, is what will result in your living a life of faith and power.

When you KNOW that it has ALREADY been accomplished on the cross, you will

begin to take dominion and subdue everything into it place.

Father I pray in Jesus name that my friends would walk in all the authority you paid for them to have when Jesus went to the cross. Open their eyes to the  power in them. Show them who they are in You. In Jesus name.



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