When Will the “Look Inside” Show up in my Book?



Look Inside!™ Program

All books published through CreateSpace will be eligible for the free Look Inside!™ program on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, and Amazon’s European websites. This feature will automatically appear on your Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, and Amazon Europe detail pages in the form of a “Look Inside!” arrow attached to your book cover image within 2-3 weeks of creation.

If you make changes to your files, the feature will automatically update within 2-3 weeks from the new approval date

Look Inside the Book Program

Look Inside the Book is a free program offered by Amazon. If you are a publisher or author, sign up now for our Look Inside the Book program to promote and merchandise your print books. 
Look Inside the Book is also available for Kindle titles. Kindle titles are automatically added to the program within a week of the on-sale date and need no additional sign up or content submission. 
Enrolling your titles helps sell more of your books in three primary ways:

For more information about how to get started, please visit our Look Inside the Book FAQ section:


Information taken from https://www.createspace.com/Help/Index.jsp?orgId=00D300000001Sh9