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Personal  Testimonies

FDA compliance We do not diagnose, treat, or cure any person or animal. We are not a vet, doctor, nurse or health expert. We do not claim to heal anyone. These are Personal Testimonies.


Alason Wesh at 13 years old had a cancerous brain tumor. Doctors did emergency surgery and only got ½ of it. She changed to a healthy diet and used a drop Frankincense pressed to the roof of her mouth several times a day. 8 years later still totally cancer free.


Mrs. Axe got cancer for the 2nd time. The first time she used chemo treatment and spend 7 years with mental and physical problems (digestive problems, hyperthyroidism,  leaky gut and depression) until the cancer returned. This time she changed her diet, took supplements and used Frankincense. It has been over 10 years and at over 60 she feels younger and has more energy than ever.

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Dr Stephen B. Veterinarian

I have been using Young Living Essential Oils in my veterinary practice for the past 14 years with great success. The beauty of using these wonderful oils is they help the whole family while treating their best friends the animals.

I have several oils and blends that are my favorites. One of these has to be Peace & Calming. This blend works well on cats and dogs. I massage it directly on the dogs ears and back when I work with them and they love it. Cats prefer not having it put on them but rather diffused into the area we are working in. Many animals have not so good memories of going to veterinary hospitals, so they get a little nervous about returning to one. The Peace & Calming makes this process much better for them.

Frankincense is my favorite single oil for treating animals. You can use it directly on cats, horses, rats, mice, snakes, birds or dogs with no problem. I mainly use it to help them heal if they are injured or to help their immune systems deal with infections, stress or cancer. You can apply it directly on tumors or wounds and it will help the body heal itself more efficiently.

Purification is an excellent blend for detoxing any form bite, such as insects, snakes or animals bites. I have found it to be very effective on bee stings, spider bites and puncture wounds.

This cream managed to keep him off of 2 terrible medications and he is doing fine.

Jim had a heart attack on July 26, 2017, he began to have some issues with tingling on the left side of his head and problems with his right leg. The Doctor said we can put you on Gabapentin or Lyrica, Jim said NO my wife uses Young Living essential oils and she has been able to get me off of 3 Hydrocodone and 1 Felexeril, by using oils 3 times a day.

His wife decided to try Young Living Regenolone on him and miraculously the burning and weakness started to go away and he could totally work and not worry about the collapsing. This cream managed to keep him off of 2 terrible medications and he is doing fine.

Jim loves YL and we have not used any Advil or Tylenol in years, he just says get the oils for everything!

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I didn’t think I needed this kit, I didn’t have any major trauma in my life and had used the feelings kit often. Then I went to a retreat where they utilized this kit during a time of emotional release, and I fell instantly in love!

Though I hadn’t had any major trauma I had had a lot of little stresses that were undealt with. I felt the Freedom kit released the stress from my body more than anything I had tried. Honestly it’s hard to explain, it just worked on a deep level. I felt so happy, slept so well, and started losing the 50 lbs I had packed on during constant stress times!’ Mom



I have been religiously been using pro+ (Progressive Plus) every night on the insides of both forearms…I’ve mentioned it in passing about new hair growth I’ve noticed, but never have I been told that my hair is thicker and healthier…until recently, my hair dresser mentioned that since my last cut (8 months ago) it looks and feels a lot thicker…I also love this weird curly new growth…

Hot flash

I am over 60 and had hot flashes for at least 10 years. I used Progressive plus and endoflex and it has brought my hot flashes down so I can sleep at night once in a while I get 1 at night but it has slowed down the day time and almost eliminated the night time hot flashes. Robin

Cramps, Back aches, Headaches

I had super bad cramps, awful back aches, headaches on the verge of migraines and a crazy heavy flow.

I was told to add 20-30 drops of  Young Living Sclaressence and a cup of Epsom salt to a warm bath and soak for 20-30 min to help elevate all the above…. my life has been forever changed by this!!

After my bath, my cramps had lightened up and then quickly left, my flow was light back aches were gone and my headache was a 3 on a scale of 1-10 when it had been at a 10!! And to top it all off, my cycle was 3 days shorter than normal! Cassidy

Blood Pressure -Rebeca R

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Blood Pressure

I had sort of high blood pressure over the past 6 years and the doctor was telling me to get on meds. I said no I hate meds. I can’t do caffeine, pain killers or toxic meds! I started using Young Living Progressive Plus and my blood pressure is much lower and most times normal. I will NEVER run out of Y.L. Progressive Plus!!! Elene

Rotator Cuff

My husband had rotator cuff surgery and he was hurting so much from the OTHER arm hurting that he was thinking of getting surgery. I used Cool Azul pain refile cream and rubbed it on him about 2 to 3 times a day…. Now he is building a house and can go to work without pain!


We live in the woods and I itched for a day and night. Finally I looked and found a dead squished tick attached to me. My skin was red and ugly looking I was really worried. I pulled it off and put basil oil and lavender oil on it and it cleared up with no rash. R.B.

Lyme Disease free

Germs free healthy school kids

Wanted to share this testimony about Thieves household cleaner. I was looking at my year long attendance record and you’re not going to believe this….. There are only 5 absences total for illness in my class the entire year! I know it’s due to the fact that I use this cleaner religiously several times a day! Josann (teacher)

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My oldest daughter was diagnosed with FluA & Strep. I have three asthmatic children, flu is scary for us.

So in addition to our normal routine. I increased our thieves, RC, Raven & Lavender treatments to three times a day for everyone and continued diffusing 24/7, just higher concentration. Added in elderberry syrup dosing. Disinfected the house with Theives cleaner (and my desk at work).

And 5 days later, no one else has contracted the flu or strep! And my oldest is feeling well. She did take the antibiotics for her strep… but y’all NO ONE else got sick! Winning!!!

Asthma Testimony 
“Last night around 2 am my child had a sudden asthma attack. I got up to find his inhaler. I couldn’t find it in his school backpack and my husband couldn’t find the one we keep at home either! I decided to just use oils. I really had no other choice since we didn’t have an inhaler!
I rolled Breathe Again on his chest , followed by applying the RC blend. I applied Raven to his feet as he doesn’t care for the smell of that one. About 5 mintues later, he was breathing just find and sound asleep!!!
I have been using the Breathe Again, RC and Raven, morning and night on his chest and feet, one drop off Frankincense on his crown, 2-3 drops of Lavender on each foot every morning and night for not even a week. I know to keep applying every day as it is a BAD pollen season right now. 
I am looking forward to being medicine free! Last night gave me lots of hope! -April

Hyperthyroidism now normal Debbie


I’m on zyrtec and was using flonase very heavily as well. My mom and sister were here a few weeks ago and my allergies were sooooo bad! I was over medicated and still miserable. People at church even noticed. 
My sister had me try her RC, and that was what finally helped me to breathe, and the puffiness in my face went away.
So now I’m a beleiver.
Ive been using either rc or raven undrr my nose every night when,I go to bed, and every,morning when I get up. Havent used flonase in weeks.


So my daughter is 100% legally blind she has optic nerve hypoplasia (optic nerve looks like Swiss cheese ) 
We have been doing oils (frank ,lavender) on her face for molluscum bumps and rc/ raven on her chest for asthma . It’s all been working great but a week ago she came up to us and said she can see better without her glasses and keeps asking to take them off so we set up a dr appointment and told her she would have to wait and see what he said today we went and normally she can only see the big E (400)at the top of the eye chart today she got down to the 5th line (70 ) all without glasses they say shes not as farsighted now and got rid of her bifocals

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