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Personal  Testimonies

FDA compliance We do not diagnose, treat, or cure any person or animal. We are not a vet, doctor, nurse or health expert. We do not claim to heal anyone. These are Personal Testimonies. I am an independent representative for essential oils for more information contact me at


Alason Wesh at 13 years old had a cancerous brain tumor. Doctors did emergency surgery and only got ½ of it. She changed to a healthy diet and used a drop Frankincense pressed to the roof of her mouth several times a day. 8 years later still totally cancer free.


Mrs. Axe got cancer for the 2nd time. The first time she used chemo treatment and spend 7 years with mental and physical problems (digestive problems, hyperthyroidism,  leaky gut and depression) until the cancer returned. This time she changed her diet, took supplements and used Frankincense. It has been over 10 years and at over 60 she feels younger and has more energy than ever.

Dr Stephen B. Veterinarian

I have been using Essential Oils in my veterinary practice for the past 14 years with great success. The beauty of using these wonderful oils is they help the whole family while helping their best friends the animals.

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We live in the woods and I itched for a day and night. Finally I looked and found a dead squished tick attached to me. My skin was red and ugly looking I was really worried. I pulled it off washed it with soap and put basil oil and lavender oil on it. R.B.

Lyme Disease free

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