Feb 16

The Secret of Going From a POWER-LESS Life to a POWER-FILLED LIFE


Does your prayer life seem like empty words?

Did you stop praying for people because it seems not to make a difference?


Learn how to turn a POWER-LESS life into a POWER FILLED Life!

I have over 300 videos on You- Tube teaching how to walk in God’s SUPERNATURAL POWER AND PRESENCE TO WXPERIENCING THE BIBLE.

Remember to check out Kat Kerr’s GUEST BLOG yesterday. She shared on what things we will EAT in HEAVEN, see, feel and do!! READ it your life will be changed!book_revealing heaven

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My NEW book to be available on Feb 27th. Read the back cover. This book will change your life by showing you how to enforce what the BLOOD of Jesus paid for you to have. The devil has been keeping this  a secret!





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