The Biggest Bully Program For School, Churches & Communities

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The Vision
Our vision is to bully proof children and create a firm foundation for success in every area of their lives.
Our Mission
Successful bullying prevention includes education and preparation. We start by educating the children using ventriloquism (puppets), comedy and audience participation. We give them knowledge and tools to navigate through the traps and tricks of the enemy.
The Facts
Bullying is a real threat to children and teens.
Suicide is the third leading cause of death in children and teens.
Bullied victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims.
Bullying destroys the child’s core identity, self esteem, and sense of belonging.

There is Hope
The foundation of our program is the Word of God which provides permanent life changes in every area of a child’s life
We believe that humor opens up the spirit to receive the good news of the word of God and empower them to prevent and stop bullying in their own lives.
The Answer
When children understand who they are in Christ they can change themselves and situations, and bring changes to their families and communities around them. Every child has a God ordained purpose. With our life- changing ministry we share how they can be free from the power of fear, and know that they have purpose.

This program is an hour long show. We use ventriloquism, audience participation, balloons, singing (terribly), rapping, dancing and clowning to give the message that brings teens and kids knowledge in the battle against fear and bullying. This is a Comedy  Ventriloquist  Show great for the whole family.
“The Biggest Bully” is great for:

Children/Teen camps    

Teens/Children retreats

Vacation Bible School

Special Events

Holidays /Specials

Community Outreach

Church Fairs

Women’s retreats

Couples retreats

Christian School assemblies

Public Events



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