Apr 28

The Biggest Bully is the Devil




In recent years a series of bully related suicides in the United States have drawn attention to the connection between bullying and suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people. We now know that bullied   victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims.

Bullying is a real threat to our kids. We know that the devil is the biggest bully he whispers the same guilt, shame, and condemnation of not being good enough in both, the bully and the victims ear.

Because bullying is centered on the person’s status, core identity and sense of belonging we know that the foundation has to be built on the Word of God in order to be successful. This is why our program cannot be offered in school because the foundation is the word of God which provides permanent life lasting changes in every area of a child’s life instead a quick fix.

Bullying is not a problem of better parenting or better schools, bullying is a problem for the church to solve. The church is the only place that has the true answer to stop bullying. It’s in our relationship with Jesus Christ that we have the answers that empower both the bully and the victim to become victorious.

“The Biggest Bully” Show

Joy is strength, Laughter medicine. That’s why “The Biggest Bully” is Comedy Ventriloquist Show. Robin has 23 years stage experience as a comedian and ventriloquist, she knows that laughter opens up the spirit to receive the Word of God. She uses balloons, ventriloquism, (puppets) singing, dancing, rapping, silly magic, audience participation, storytelling and juggling and comedy as tools to share the Lord. The show is about 1 hour long and can be used for your own Children/Teen event, retreat, camp or as a community outreach.


Robin has appeared as an extra in several movies and documentaries including one of her on clowning which aired in New York and she has also appeared on NBC. She has appearing as a guest author on the Sky Angel, Satellite and Direct TV on the Tom Leding Show several times. She has been interviewed for 3 reality shows and was chosen to be in the You-Tube video contestant on “America’s Got Talent”.






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