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Jun 01

5 Truths – That will Change the Way You Think About Yourself

As a born again spirit being, your information comes from INSIDE of you!  Did you know that when you receive the gift of Jesus paying the price for your sins and you are “born again” that you become alive in your spirit meaning that you are connected and ONE with the Holy SPIRIT? So that …

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Nov 21

The Power of the Sound of Your Words

The power of sound and words can change your world! This first video is of me doing the rice experiment by speaking words over 3 different bowls of rice and the results!! It will change your life!              NEW Web site for Ribbons The Clown- http://www.RibbonsTheClown.net- Robin is working toward …

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Feb 24

Lesson 3 – WORDS the Power of Life & Death

Lesson 3 – WORDS the Power of Life & Death 3 lesson words Lesson 1 – Joy, the Wine of Heaven Lesson 2 – Grace – Freedom From Guilt, Shame and Condemnation (Vol. 2) Lesson 3 – WORDS the Power of Life & Death Lesson 4 – The Power of PEACE – Nothing Broken Nothing …

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Nov 11

Words of Life, Prosperity and Health-CREATE Your Future

WORDS, WORDS, WORDS, in them is the power of life or death. Many churches today don’t need God. They can sing without Him, but He does not inhabit their praise. They can quote a few scriptures, but have no life or confirming signs. They can tell you how bad you have been, but offer no …

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Apr 18

Our Covenant is All about YOUR Word and The HOLY SPIRIT- Are you Experiencing the Supernatural?

The Covenant we are under is a covenant of WORDS and THE SPIRIT! Expect to live and move in the supernatural. Expect to change the world around you with your words! Please leave your comments and questions. Have a blessed day today. I hope this video gets you excited to walk in the supernatural things of …

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Dec 22

Your Words Are Seeds Of Your Future!

God showed me an apple seed. In my mind, I planted that seed. It grew an apple TREE. Each year it gave me a harvest of about, let’s say three bushels. I did not just get my three bushels, but EACH year after that got more bushels. Now go back to the tree. The first …

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Aug 29

Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones But Words Won’t Hurt Me- NOT

Have you heard, “Stick and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you”? Well thats a lie, words will kill. The Word is the basis for everything. There is nothing so great that the Word of God cannot change. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and …

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