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Oct 31

Keys to Mastering the Kingdom Principals

Today I share with you some AWESOME KEYS to mastering the kingdom Principals. ************************************************************************************************ If you are overweight and want to be all you are called to be but can’t get started, try ACE it is a natural appetite suppressant  and energy pill that will change your life, business  and ministry. This product has ingredients …

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Feb 05

Kingdom Living – “Kingdom Justice & Liberty For All” by Robin E. Bremer

The Bible is full of God encounters: angels, miracles, the blind seeing and the dead being raised. So why is the church is not living in it? Because the church is full of people who feel inferior, guilty, condemned and full of shame. You were created to be supernatural—to take dominion and subdue everything on …

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Sep 08

Eat Live Food-LAW Produces Death- Jesus is Life

When you eat live food it brings life and health to your body. The same is true of your spirit. When you eat live food (The Word of Jesus) it produces LIFE. Think about the food your being feed or are eating. Is it bringing life or death? Do you come away energized and looking …

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