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Aug 15

My Secret on How to Stay Calm Under Pressure

Did you ever have one of those night and days when everything goes wrong and you have the opportunity to get stressed out? Do you want to know what I discovered that changed my life? I just had one of those days and nights! I have learned a lesson that has changed my reaction to stressful …

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The Spirit Realm & The Physical Realm

Feb 11


Tonight at 7 pm Central I will be doing a LIVE broadcast on the EXPERIENCES I have had in the Supernatural and sharing keys on how you can experience the Supernatural. Click here for your FREE Book on Angels...

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Nov 24

Guest Visitor Has Seen Thousands of Angels !

PLEASE JOIN US for a life changing blog from Kat Kerr, she will be sharing with us her experiences with ANGELS. She is just as excited to share with us as we are to hear what she has to say God has taken her to heaven hundreds of times, she has seen thousands of angels and …

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Oct 29

What do we know about the personalities of Angels?

What do we know about the personalities of Angels? We have 8 more Mondays on our special teaching on Angels. Today we are learning about the personalities of Angels. Angels  are Intelligent and wise 2 Samuel 14:20 but my lord [is] wise, according to the wisdom of the angel of God, to know everything that …

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