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Jun 05

4 Reasons to Trust the Holy Spirit Instead of the Law

Many believers are afraid to trust the Holy Spirit because it is easier to see a set of laws and TRY to obey them, than trust that YOU can hear God. BUT YOU CAN He lives in you and wants to have a relationship with you!   4 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Trust the …

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May 25

FREE BIBLE STUDY-10 Truths That will Change Your Life

FREE TODAY THROUGH SATURDAY Man has been given dominion and told to subdue everything to the finished work of the cross. You should no longer pray the wimpy prayer of, “if it be your will” but command new body parts, heal the sick, raise the dead, stop the tornadoes, and command marriages to be restored. …

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Jul 29

Communion The 7 Places Jesus Blood Set you Free

  Communion is a joining of the spirit realm to the physical. Communion is joining the heavenly realm to the earthly realm. Communion is POWERFUL.Watch part 3 on Communion and learn about the 7 places Jesus bleed from and what they mean to you. Watch part 1 here. Download chart here communion blood

Jul 03

FREE KINDLE BOOK July 4-8 “30 Days to a Kingdom Mindset”

One of the things that changed my life was revelation about the kingdom of God.  You carry inside of you the “KING” enthroned in your spirit man. Wherever you go you have the power to enforce the defeat of the devil and bring victory! Because of this great life changing revelation about the kingdom of …

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Nov 11


Today I want to honor veterans. I am a vet but I do not deserve any honor all I did was chase boys and eat the great breakfast’s. Today I find it sad that vets have more and more benefits taken from them and are given less and less honor. I was in the service …

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Nov 01

One Step to Losing Inches and Pounds Just in time for the Holidays!

Dear Friend,  The Holidays are on us that means lots of good food and lots of overeating!  2 in 3 adults are considered to be overweight or obese. WHY does this matter to you?  The lifespan of an obese person is up to 8-10 years shorter than that of a normal-weight person. Obesity-related conditions ( being …

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Oct 31

Keys to Mastering the Kingdom Principals

Today I share with you some AWESOME KEYS to mastering the kingdom Principals. ************************************************************************************************ If you are overweight and want to be all you are called to be but can’t get started, try ACE it is a natural appetite suppressant  and energy pill that will change your life, business  and ministry. This product has ingredients …

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Jan 05

Download Your Free Bible Study & Promote the Gospel with a TWEET

All three of these Bible Studies are available FREE untill late Feburary early March when they will be published. Today you can download them free. HELP us spread the GOOD NEWS -Click for your download with a TWEET or a FACEBOOK post. Click below for Bible Study 1- Change Me Lord Bible Study 1 BIBLE …

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Nov 25

GOOD Morning, GOOD Day, GOOD Night

Good morning friends and subscribers, I don’t usually post on my blog on Sunday. In fact I never have. I just want to let you know that I am praying for you over the Holidays. I pray safe, prosperous, fun filled Holiday season for you. Thanksgiving is over and now the fun of last minute …

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Oct 29

What do we know about the personalities of Angels?

What do we know about the personalities of Angels? We have 8 more Mondays on our special teaching on Angels. Today we are learning about the personalities of Angels. Angels  are Intelligent and wise 2 Samuel 14:20 but my lord [is] wise, according to the wisdom of the angel of God, to know everything that …

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Oct 03

YOU Be The King of Your Kingdom

Do you know how to rule as a king in your home? school? job? Do you know you are put here to rule and bring about Gods will? The government of God, also called the Kingdom of God, is within every born again believer to bring God’s will to pass on earth as it is …

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Sep 28

Let’s Have a Contest- WHY DO YOU THINK JESUS CURSED THE FIG TREE??? Win $40. value Published Book & more

Why do you think Jesus cursed the fig tree (Mark 11;12-14) Contest, win over $40. Valued prizes? Starts today Oct 28, 2012. I want to know what you think, why did Jesus Curse the fig tree? I want funny answers or joke answers and your thought on why you think Jesus cursed the tree. THE …

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Sep 13

The Gospel is God Freely Empowering us

 God has given you all things you will ever need for life! The more time you spend studying the word the more revelations the Holy Spirit will reveal to you. As you grow in that revelation your world we begin to conform to His Word! Do you know God, I mean really know Him not …

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Jul 26

Why Does The Devil Hate Water?

Water is a symbol of the Holy Spirit & the Word Devil hates wateR         Mat 12:43 /.Luk 11:24     “When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest.      Jhn 7:38                “He who believes in Me … out of his heart will flowrivers of living water.” ( …

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