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Sep 19

How to Pray for Your Mayor, City & Church Leaders & For Revival by Robin Bremer

  Mayor  Selina Jayne-Dornan of Eufaula, OK & me!   Today I would like to share with you how to pray for your mayor and other city leaders and also how to bring revival. First I pray that you are blessed with a mayor who has a personal relationship with Jesus and is filled with HIS …

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May 24

You Are The Kingdom LAW! The Devil is an Outlaw, Enforce Justice !

When we command JUSTICE we are telling demonic forces to release everything the blood of Jesus paid for us to have. These things are health, healing, wealth, the Holy Spirit, fellowship, visiting heaven, gaining wisdom, victory over death, and much much more. The word of God is settled in heaven now it is our job …

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Jan 01

How do we Execute Judgment? Who or What do we Judge?

How do we execute judgment? Judgment is manifesting the defeat of the devil and the victory Jesus paid for us to be made righteousness and the result of righteousness ( health, wealth, wisdom,  authority, power, dominion, relationship, salvation and much more). We can do this because the kingdom of God is INSIDE us. The kingdom …

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