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Jun 12

Your Healing was Given to you as Part of the Salvation Package

                                                      HEALING AND SALVATION, ALL ONE PACKAGE   I will bless the Lord, and will not forget all His benefits! He forgives my sins, He heals all my diseases. …

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Jun 06

3 Lies That are KILLING you

3 LIES THAT ARE KILLING YOU If I am sick it is because God allowed it. When God wants to heal me He will. God is in control. The dividing line of the Bible is: The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy, I (Jesus) have come to give you abundant life. (John 10:10) Jesus did …

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How to Get People Healed

How to get people healed is one of my most popular videos, this video is over 4 years old but still has very powerful information in it. Watch and share with your social media sites.

Feb 11

How to Witness, Heal, Minister Baptism in Holy Spirit & Tongues=FUN & EASY

How to Witness, Heal & Minister Filling with Holy Spirit &   Tongues Easy & FUN-  Learn how to teach your church, community, home fellowship how to witness in a fun and successful way. Learn how to get people healed and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Dec 30

Receive YOUR Healing- LIVE today at 7 pm Central

Lesson 7 Free download PDF files

Sep 18

FREE- Healing & Prosperity

Healing and Prosperity are free you don’t have to earn them, just believe and receive. Healing & prosperity are a sign of Gods goodness and grace. He took all our weakness, sickness and diseases on the cross so we could be healed and live a healthy life. One of my favorite scriptures is Is 53. One …

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Aug 06

Sickness is Not NORMAL

Sickness is not normal in a Christian. Sickness of any kind and all kinds are not from God! You are created in God’s image, there is no sickness or disease in God’s image. A great book on getting healed is called, “Healing Through Spiritual Warfare” by Peggy Scarbough from Destiny Image. For more on the …

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