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Jun 04

Buying a Memorial Card- GUEST POST

Today’s post is a sensitive but informative subject. My guest poster explains about buying a Memorial Card. Buying a Memorial Card   This could be a very sensitive issue Memorial services although necessary and unavoidable events can nevertheless present a person with a difficult task because it is important to consider as much is possible …

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Sep 18

FREE- Healing & Prosperity

Healing and Prosperity are free you don’t have to earn them, just believe and receive. Healing & prosperity are a sign of Gods goodness and grace. He took all our weakness, sickness and diseases on the cross so we could be healed and live a healthy life. One of my favorite scriptures is Is 53. One …

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Aug 14

You Choose Life or Death

It’s your choice if you live or die, it’s not up to God. He told you to choose life. God calls life a blessing and death a curse. God redeemed us from death and gave us authority over it. If you think that it is up to God whether  you live or die you will …

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