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Jul 29

Communion The 7 Places Jesus Blood Set you Free

  Communion is a joining of the spirit realm to the physical. Communion is joining the heavenly realm to the earthly realm. Communion is POWERFUL.Watch part 3 on Communion and learn about the 7 places Jesus bleed from and what they mean to you. Watch part 1 here. Download chart here communion blood

Jul 26

Communion Your Supernatural Vitamins & Medicine

Today I want to  share with you the power of Communion and how GOD wants you to take communion! Todays Free Book

Jul 18

Eat My Flesh & Drink My Blood =Proclaim the Lord’s death

COMMUNION Your Healing! Take a look at what blood does in the natural. The natural (physical)  is a copy of the spirit (unseen realm) BLOOD transport the removal of wastes. Blood transports oxygen hormones, nutrients, vitamins and minerals to all parts of the body. Life is in the blood. Lev 17:11-For the life of the …

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Sep 09

3 Truths about the Blood & Grace by Cayce Talbott

Grace & The Blood By Cacy Talbott 1.  The Bible tells us in Leviticus 17:11 that the LIFE of a person is in the Blood… The word LIFE used there is the Hebrew word “NEPHESH”, which actually means SOUL… This means that our Soul, which is our mind, will, emotions and intellect, is in our …

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Sep 17

Halloween… The Supernatural Belongs to the Christian.

Halloween? What is it all about? Here are 17 videos about the SUPERNATURAL. The supernatural belongs to the Christian not the occult or cult. Watch these videos and leave your comment below. Leave your comments below. If you would like to met my Supernatural God who loves you say this prayer. “Father God I want …

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