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Jun 22

The Holy Spirit is in a Hurry to Fill You & Give You Tongues!

Acts 10:44 While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who heard the word. While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who heard the word. The Holy Spirit couldn’t even wait till he was done talking or even  until they got hands laid on them. …

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Jun 20

Being Ashamed of Tongues is to be Ashamed of the Holy Spirit!

  IS 59:21 THIS IS MY COVENANT-MY SPIRIT who is upon you (NOW in us) and MY WORDS which I have put in your MOUTH.. Up until this moment I used to think that the above scripture meant that whatever words Jesus spoke were the words that were to be in our mouth.For example, “By …

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Jun 19

Trust the Holy Spirit to Lead You into SUPERNATURAL Experiences in God

Trust the Holy Spirit to be your teacher and guide.Everything about the Holy Spirit is SUPERNATURAL. Expect Him to lead you into supernatural experiences just like He did in the book of Acts. Expect Him to  lead you into the supernatural like He did in the Old Testament. Remember we have an even better Covenant now. …

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Jun 18

WE ARE a Branch of righteousness we Execute Judgment

We are to TAKE what Jesus paid for us to have. WE ARE a Branch of righteousness; AND AS A King shall reign and prosper, And execute judgment and righteousness in the earth (Jer 23:5) Judgment is manifesting the defeat of the devil and the victory Jesus paid for us to be made righteousness. (Rom 14:17) …

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Jun 14

Water Baptism a Shadow of the Holy Spirit Baptism of Our NEW Covenant

THE HOLY SPIRIT is the most important thing about the NEW Covenant or New Testament! The truth is that the Holy Spirit IS the New Covenant. The book I am working on right now and I hope to be ready by Christmas is all about our New Covenant and how the Holy Spirit and the …

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Jun 13

TONGUES a Supernatural Weapon for a Supernatural Warfare

Tongues is PART of the Holy Spirit. Today I share on how important it is to speaking in tongues.This is a great video to share if someone does not believe in speaking in tongues. Watch Today’s video and share on your social media sites.

Jun 11

JUDGMENT or DECEPTION… The Truth About Ananias & Sapphira by Cayce Talbott

My friend Cayce Talbott has written a awesome post I would like to share with you today. Often it is taught in the chruch that Ananias and Sapphira were Christian that were struck down because they lied to the Holy  Spirit. If that were true every time we lied to God we would be struck …

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Jun 10

Kat Kerr’s Revealing Heaven & its Best Keep Secrets (REPOSTED from previous post)

This is a re-posting of my FAVORITE information that Kat Kerr  (author of Revealing Heaven) has posted on my Blog. IT IS SO GREAT THAT I WANT TO SHARE IT AGAIN! So below is Kats post. I LOVE THE FACT THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT IS KNOWN IN HEAVEN AS THE DRAMA KING! I can see it, He …

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Jun 09

Your Birth Right is Wealth, Health & Power to Change the World!

We are the end time generation we are living on this earth right now so that WE can be the answer to the worlds problems. We are the answer through the power of the Holy Spirit in us.. PR 13:22 There is plenty of wealth for everyone on earth to have all they need and …

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Jun 08

The Christian God Seems to Be Dead!

God seems to be dead. The world is in a mess. There are massive amounts of destroying weather, hate crimes, and Christians are as powerless as people of the world. God seems to be dead!! How do you know He is alive? Now don’t tell me, “Because I know He lives in me”. The world …

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Jun 06

Feed My Kids JOY! Not rules, condemnation and shame! AWESOME Kids teaching Series

Today I want to share with you, my friends my newest project. This is a Bible Study for kids. Ribbons Kingdom Kids Series.I will have a coloring book that goes with each Vol. and a video for each chapter on the same subject using my puppets to teach. At the end of today’s post I …

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Jun 02

What Happened at The Cross, Grave, Resurrection, Ascension, Sending Holy Spirit

How Jesus brought restoration so we could be restored to FELLOWSHIP with God. WHAT was Accomplished in The Life, Cross, Grave, Resurrection, Sending Holy Spirit Step 1 In His Life What did Jesus life on the earth accomplish for you and me?Jesus came to earth to Live as our representative (human with no godly attributes) and not …

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May 19


The apostle Paul tells us that in the later days before Jesus returns that some believers will depart from the truth of God’s Word and adopt false doctrines that were given to them by demons, allowing themselves to be seduced by lies that will lead them away from the truth and away from the Faith …

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May 18

Grace =Freedom to Sin but The Power Not To

Grace is Gods nature. Grace is God freely giving us what we did NOT EARN or can not pay for. When we understand Grace we will understand that it is power to help us not miss the mark and sin. But when we do we are forgiven NOT because we earned it but because HE earned …

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May 17

Terrorism-How to Have Peace and Bring Life

The devils tools against a believer is to use condemnation or terrorism! Today I want to show you how to have peace against a spirit of terrorism and what it really means. The term “terrorism” comes from French terrorisme, from Latin: ‘terror’, “great fear”, “dread”, related to the Latin verb terrere, “to frighten”. : the …

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May 13

ACE NATURAL Weight Loss-Overweight AND GOD?

ACE is a NATURAL Weight Loss/Energy Supplement with Vitamin B that is good for the heart and Chromium that is good for building muscle and other natural ingredients.” You might be saying WHAT has that to do with GOD??? Plenty! Your body is a  temple of God and He lives in you. But first let …

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May 12

3 Secrets to Easy Prayer & A LIST of What to Pray in Our NEW COVENANT

Many people do not know how to pray, or what to pray. Here are some guideline on how to pray in a way that will get you answer. 1. AGREE- agree with what God says in the word about the situation. Matt 18:19″Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth …

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May 11

3 Powerful Truths Your Were Lied to About, The Father, Son & Holy Spirit

Today I want to share with you 3 life changing truths about the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit!  1. The Father- Many people believe the wrong thing about God and because of that belief they have been ripped off by the devil. Read and study this poster. These poster share a lot of truth …

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May 10

Righteousness-Armor to Protect Your Heart from Shame, Guilt & Condemnation

Put on the breastplate of righteousness. (Eph 6:14) Guilt, shame and condemnation -kill, steal and destroy! We are now good enough to have a relationship with God through Jesus. Righteousness is not something we earn or have to do. Righteousness is right standing with God. It is a gift we must receive. We have to …

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May 09

How to Worship God Using His Names

Here are some names of God that reveal His nature.  These names are great to use when you want to PRAISE HIM! You can simply use speak out His names in praise and worship. Put your name in there, for example, ” You are MY Lord You Provide for ME” The Name of “Jesus” is …

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