Snow Removal and Ice Management in Downriver Michigan

Commercial and residential snow removal and ice management. Cutting Edge will keep your property open and safe through the unpredictable Michigan winters.

Clearing snow and all the wet from your property during the chilling winter months can take a toll on your life. If left unattended, your place will look cluttered and messy. Also, the temperature will stay down for a long time, and that’s highly undesirable.

The good news is snow removal doesn’t have to be a herculean task anymore. Just turn to our experts for the task. We take pride in offering top-of-the-line services to your utmost satisfaction.


Do you need residential heating and cooling Downriver MI?
We are a full residential HVAC company that installs, service, and repair all major brands and most system. The range of residential HVAC services we provide for our customer includes but not limited to:

✔ Furnaces installation, repair, and maintenance

✔ Heat Pumps repair

✔ Air Conditioners installation, repair, and maintenance

✔ Ductless System servicing and repair

✔ Water Heaters and more. 3/20/20

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