Jan 20

Special Calender & Pictures of Heavenly Angels -Downloadable


2014 Calender

Take God Out of Your BOX!

Experience the Supernatural Power, Presence & Love of The FATHER!

God once told me it you want to make someone hungry you have to eat in front of them. Because I want to make you hungry for a supernatural relationship with the Holy Spirit  I am sharing with you “SPECIAL” content only subscribes on on levels can receive.  You can download the calender at the end of the post. I hope it blesses you as much as it does me!


The photo I have attached would have many different assumptions as to what they thought it was but I can tell you exactly what it is! It is the eye of one angel in Heaven that I saw standing nearly 200 feet high so powerfully made you would turn white and stop breathing if he appeared to you and bent over looking at you out of his ten foot wide purple eyes and asked you a question! God would have to stand you back up & tell you to fear not! This being is one of the Host (warring angels) that fight on behalf of you & I against the enemy! His very presence causes waves of electric Glory to consume you, but if one of the demons were that close to him, the same electric Glory would SHRED them into pieces!!!



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2014 Supernatural Calender download here





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