Jul 17

Sorrow of the World Produces Death


Is Sorrow a Natural Process From God?

I was reading an advertisement in where they were trying to sell their Bible product in doing so they said if you don’t use this product you will end up back in the same situation. It saddens me to see this. People already know about their destructive behavior is killing them, they need the answer that has power that will bring about change and victory. Anything that brings sorrow, guilt, condemnation and shame is not from God and brings death.

This is called sorrow of the world. Watch and learn more about today’s topic:

The Main Points:

Joy is the solution to our problems, the state of our country and all our fears. 

Sorrow is something Jesus took on the cross for us so we could be filled with JOY.

  1.  Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows.. Is 53:4 We no longer should allow it in our lives. The church should be the most joyful place there is and Christians should be the most joyful people!
  2. Whenever the Bible talks about sorrow, it always relates it to joy. Joy is to replace sorrow. Sorrow in the original language means worry, pain, anger, and grief. These things can break and kill… by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken. Prov 15:13 the sorrow of the world worketh death. 2 Cor 7:10 Joy is from God, and it is more powerful than sorrow.
  3. Often times people thing that God is behind destroying weather and strange events happening in the world today that is killing animals and people. The thief is the one that comes to kill, steal and destroy. John 10:19 Jesus came to give us abundant life.

Is it hard for you to believe that God wants you full of JOY in every part of your life?

Were you taught that church was a solemn place no laughter, hand clapping or dancing?



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  1. revrobin

    Thanks mbt I am still learning to and its fun!

  2. Samual Shelley

    Wow! Thank you! I continuously needed to write on my blog something like that. Can I include a portion of your post to my blog?

    1. revrobin

      Hi, sure you can use it just make sure you give credit where due and it would be great if you pointed them to the outline. Hope you keep coming back for more….

  3. Marion Murril

    Another problem with Disqus is its vulnerability of abuse.

    1. revrobin

      Marion with anything there is abuse. God is so good He wants us to be filled with joy.

  4. revrobin

    Dziękuję, mam nadzieję, że nie zatrzymuje się, nadal jesteśmy w budowaniu tej strony. Będziemy mieć dużo wolnych środków, a także będziesz mógł przetłumaczyć całą stronę wkrótce. Mamy wolne nauczanie / świadkami materiały w różnych językach. Jeśli jest coś chcesz tłumaczone daj nam znać.
    English Thank You, I hope you do stop in, we are still building this site. We will have lots of free resources and also you will be able to translate the whole site soon. We have free teaching/witnessing material in different languages. If there is something you want translated let us know.

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    […] of our country and all our fears. Sorrow is something Jesus took on the cross and bore for us. “Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows.” (Isa 53:4) We no longer should allow it in our lives. The church should be the most joyful place there is and […]

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