Jun 23

Some Unreligious Truths on GRACE


 Condemnation Is The Root Cause of all  YOUR fear.


 One day in church the Lord told me the reason He has me on the prayer team is to pray for people to be delivered from the root cause of condemnation.The root of most of our problems is being isolated from God by own thoughts of condemnation. Stress is caused by condemnation, fear is caused by condemnation, the fear of the future,  rejection, pain & death. Romans 8:1, Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

The Bible shows us that the most basic cause of problems in our lives is condemnation and with  feeling condemnation comes fear. Fear then stress which brings about the symptoms of the curse.  (Genesis 3:19) Sweat is being stressed out at the thought of having to provide for yourself and thinking your sins have separated  you from God.  Adam was the first person to be  stressed because He  disobedient to God. “I heard Your voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself.” Genesis 3:10 CONDEMNATION made him afraid!

  Here are some awesome truths about your righteousness by my friend 

Cayce Talbott


My friend, condemnation is the root cause of the symptoms of the curse manifesting in your life. That is why you need to know that at the cross, God took all your sins, put them on Jesus and unleashed the full fury of His wrath against them until Jesus cried out, “It is finished!”

All your sins have been completely punished in the body of Christ who was condemned for you. The root cause of all your problems has been dealt with. This means that the devil cannot enforce the curse in your life apart from your receiving condemnation. So come to the place of no condemnation and no sick leaves will sprout in your life!

Preaching Grace to religious people in the Church is like flushing a car radiator… you have to flush in all the good clean water in abundance in order to flush out all the old dirty water.


Do you keep paying on your car payment once the debt you owed to the bank has been fulfilled? No, right? ….Then why are many Christians still trying to pay a debt to the Law by keeping it when Jesus already fulfilled our payment on it??


The debt man owed to Law has been fulfilled through Jesus Christ… So we can stop trying to pay it off because Jesus already paid it… That’s what Jesus meant at the cross when He yelled… “It is Finished!”


Attempting to Repent of your sins so you can be forgiven is like trying to wash up before you take a bath… it’s pointless!


Jesus is the bath, stop trying to clean yourself up first with all of your constant repenting, law keeping and dead works… and just jump in by Faith!


The last thing Jesus said while on the cross was “IT IS FINISHED!”…. What is Finished? The LAW! The actual translation means “THE DEBT IS PAID IN FULL”… What debt? The debt that mankind owed to the Law was paid off by the Blood of Jesus!

Romans 10:4 confirms this…

“Christ is the END of the Law unto righteousness for all who believe.”


When we preach the Gospel, we much preach God’s Grace; for it is the foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ… However, to preach Grace without preaching that we receive it through putting Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is NOT the Gospel.



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