Jan 24

Seeing Angels in the Sky Book 1- HOT NEW RELEASE


“Seeing Angels in the Sky” one of the hottest books of the New Year! There is no other like it!

You angels are always around you and YOU CAN see them if you know how…

Angels are everywhere, working the plans of God out in our lives. I have been a Christian for almost 35 years but was always taught to be fearful of angels least I am worshiping them. I have always been drawn to the sky at night and in the day time since a child, laying out on a hill looking up at the sky

This book is a record of God’s love, humor and creativity and evidence of His supernatural weapons He has given us to bring Heaven on earth-Angels or Host of Heaven as they like to be called. My hope is that you will become as a child as you search for the host hidden in each picture and will jump and shout with joy as your eyes see the host. I pray that you ask Daddy God to open your eyes to see the Host all around you in everyday life and that you learn how to send them on missions and treasure hunts.

˃˃˃ Build up your faith as you look at these photographs of angels in the sky

Learn about angels and study pictures of them in the sky and build your faith to see your own angels.

Grab a copy today. https://www.amazon.com/Seeing-Angels-Sky-Robin-Bremer-ebook/dp/B01NANMOJT



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