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Ron Smith – Guest Post- Author of “The Presence” Free Kindle Today


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The Presence


It’s about time I wrote this. I have so much to share. I feel like I have enough material to fill several books! This is a story about a life that was protected by the Almighty, although most of the time not realized.

I have to start back in high school at the small town in NE Oregon that I grew up in, Elgin. Elgin boasted a population of about 1,600 with the economic center being the Boise Cascade Wood Mill in town. I have to say that back then, that God was one of the furthest things from my mind and daily thinking.

My family and I were not believers or involved in any church. Actually, there was a church right across the street from my parent’s house that I used to stand and look out the living room window at. Sometimes when the people were going in and out I would say to myself, “What a bunch of weak minded people needing the crutch of church to get through and handle life.” Of course, I thought I had it all together and that I had the world by the tail.  I know now that that was only the power of pride blinding me in my ignorance.

I had three amazing encounters with the Spirit of God when I was in high school. These all happened in my fourth year as a senior. One day as I was walking down the hallway at school I suddenly felt this “presence” all around me.

The experience was strong and it felt like “something” or “someone” was visiting me. I had never experienced anything like it before. It was very unusual because accompanied with this “someone” or “something” visiting me, came this overwhelming desire to go somewhere.

I suddenly wanted to go to the Philippines with every fiber of my being. It was strange because I had no idea why I wanted to go there.  I don’t think I even knew where the Philippine Islands were on a map, nor did I know there were over 7,100 islands that make up the Philippines.

They heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden.   Gen 3:8

I didn’t think much about it as the experience was brief and I quickly dismissed it and went on with my day.  This same scenario would happen two more times in the hallway that school year and grew stronger each time. The third time the “visitation” happened I stopped in the hallway; I looked left, then right and then I looked up and said, “Where is this coming from?” Honestly, it was very frustrating. Why did I feel like “someone” or “something” was visiting me and why did I suddenly, overwhelmingly want to go to the Philippines? Of all places on the planet, why the Philippines?

Well, little did I know that God was knocking! All three encounters were brief and I quickly dismissed each experience and quickly went back to what I thought was important, which was trying to hang out with the right guys, because they attracted the right girls and where was I going to go and party Friday night! To continue reading download the free kindle book following the link below.























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