May 16

Prophetic Word: Word of the Lord for these coming days of Glory by Terry Baker


Today my friend Terry Baker has an awesome word from the Lord about the GLORY! I can confirm what he has written!! Share with your friends this awesome prophecy from the Lord.


Prophetic Word: Word of the Lord for these coming days of Glory: “They will lead with Seed”






Right now there are some new assignments and angels that are being released from Heaven and these Angels and assignments are now being sent to people who have been  in obscurity for a long time but they are a people who know Me and do call Me by
Name and these people will be given the seeds of change and sent to places around the  World that in My choosing shall step onto foreign soils and in the simple act of  obedience to My will,whole nations shall begin to be changed not just the people but cultures, lands, and atmospheres that have been bound in chains of darkness for centuries I will cause them to plant the seeds of change as they step onto these foreign soils and from this, a great wind of change will come over these lands to cleanse the spiritual atmosphere as I will literally blow satanic strongholds from their atmosphere and as they walk the land for Me I will cause My fire to go through them and cleanse the soil of these nations and purify the generational covenants, legal rights, and contracts of darkness from their soil and My Glory shall begin to fill the earth for the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof and I the Lord your God will see to it and in this cleansing I will release My river of Living Waters to wash, refresh, and bring to life all the destinies I have purposed for these nations and I will also release My Holy Fire to pour out the passion of My heart into My people to rise up even overnight, a people from complacency and obscurity to a people that can not be contained for My Glory shall be in them, on them and through them and this Fire of My heart shall fill the hearts of My people and spread like Holy Ghost Wild Fire. So know this I am sending a Gideon’s Army that knows how to flow with and in My Spirit and they will lead with My seed and bring My wind and fire of change. So prepare, prepare, prepare for this is My plan, My strategy, My will and I have released it already and My purposes in this will not be delayed, will not be stopped, will not be denied by the works and will of Satan saith your God.

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