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Contact: Robin Bremer
Rt2 Box 1936
Checotah, OK 74426


Strange Weather, Terrorist, Dangerous Foods & Strange Sickness And Danger Lurks All Around us, How Can Anyone Have Peace?

Finding and Keeping peace in today’s times seems to be an unreachable goal for most people.  Robin Bremer trains people how to have peace by changing their future through understanding the invisible realm of the SUPERNATURAL!

 Checotah, OK—February 3. 2014—People around the world today struggle with the same fears and uncertainty of an unclear future.  We have all heard about the unexplained sounds heard around the world, the strange lights coming from the ground, unexplained sickness, and diseases. With all the strange, hopeless  and incurable sickness and events happening in the world today people are turning to the “Supernatural” for answers. The TV shows and movies clearly demonstrate our interest in the Supernatural.  Hit shows like, “Supernatural”, stories on  “Angels” and shows about vampires show our obsession with  the paranormal.

Everyone is drawn to the supernatural, the unexplained, and the unseen realm and as the times get even stranger these supernatural events will increase as the unnatural disasters and events increase. Robin Bremer is an ordained minister and published author that believes that the Supernatural is nature. Robin’s books teach on how to do the supernatural and are available at:  http://bitly.com/amazonRobin.   She believes as you learn to walk in partnership with the Supernatural realm you will be able to change your future, community and even the world.

Many Christians today shun the supernatural because they are untrained and afraid of the unknown.  However the Occults and Cults believe in it and walk in it being lead and deceived by the fallen angels.  The Supernatural is nothing to be afraid of, what matters is WHO is leading your experience. With the Occults and Cults they are experiencing a COPY of the real supernatural and being led into dangers places. The supernatural belongs to the Christian but many are afraid to be deceived.

At her blog http://www.Robinbremer.net, Robin teaches her followers how to experience the supernatural according to the Bible. She says that everything that was experienced in the Bible is available to every Christian. Every Christian should be experiencing, not only angels, heavenly encounters, heavenly places and Jesus Himself, but healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out demons.  According to Robin we all are created as children of God who crave the love and presence of our Father God. She believes that once a person accepts the free unconditional gift of Jesus that we should begin to experience the supernatural peace, power and presence of God Himself.

Robin is offering a free Report on, “80 Facts & Answers on Angels” on her blog: http://robinbremer.net She says she wants people to learn the truth about the Supernatural and begin to experience a supernatural lifestyle.  Learn more about this fascinating subject of walking in the supernatural  by subscribe to Robin’s monthly Newsletter go to: http://www.robinbreme.net or to go deeper into experiencing and living in the supernatural kingdom of God subscribe to Robin’s month VIP membership for only $10. A month at: http://robinbremer.net/membership-account/membership-levels/.



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