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Robin Bremer Comic Ventriloquist

niki me and bob niki flirting big on bob niki and me convention

 Robin’s Experience

  • She has entertained  in 6 states in person & 70 nations through the internet.
  • She was interviewed and filmed for several local and national documentaries and news programs. The most notable was for NBC.
  • Robin appeared on “Convention Crashers” starring Justin Lee Collins of the UK.
  • She was also interviewed for “Clowning Around” a major entertainment magazine.
  • “Ribbons” also stared in a TV documentary about her life as a clown which aired on local TV in NY.
  • She also worked as an extra in the movie, The Judgment, The Trial of Commander Kellie
  • She has been interviewed on local radio several times.
  • She is the published author of 7 books and several e-books.
  • She has appeared in many newspapers in several states.
  • She was chosen as a Ventriloquist contestant by You-Tubes  video to be on season 5 of “Americas Got Talent” but dropped out do to time restraints of a newly released book.

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