May 21

Prayers For Your Children- Protection & Direction by Robin Bremer


ok cityGod did NOT do this or allow it! God is love. Love does no harm. The world is fallen and evil lives in it. Things that kill, steal and destroy are from our enemy! God has given us authority over all the power of the devil but we must know it and speak it and believe it. Today I want to share some scriptures you can pray, think on and speak over your children. The word of God does not return void it is a seed that always produces a harvest. In other words the word you speak will become what you speak if you believe it. So speak what God says about your children and family. Agree with God!

When you see destruction coming your way point at it and tell it to go in Jesus name. That is your authority you have because as a child of God you have authority over ALL the power of the enemy!



Oh God, You are my children’s God. Early they seek You,

their flesh and soul thirst and long for You, to see Your power and

glory. They will be satisfied; their lips will praise You joyfully; they

will lift up their hands to You. My children will meditate on You in

their beds. You are their help. (Ps 63:1-5)

I bind the spirit of anger, strife, contention, murmuring, tale

bearing, and complaining. My home is filled with Your love, joy and

peace. We have a thankful and joyful heart.

My children have a sound mind. Their memory is blessed

and they have the mind of Christ. They have an excellent spirit and

will not defile themselves. God’s thought and ways are their ways

and thoughts.


Sin (and its penalty) shall not have dominion over my

children because they are under grace. (Rom 6:14) They have the

gift of righteousness and the abundance of grace.

They build themselves up and keep themselves in the love of

God and in faith, praying in the Spirit, and they learn secrets from



My children love the Lord their God with all their heart, all

their soul, mind and strength, and they love their neighbor as

themselves. (Mark 12:30)




Thank You, Father, that you give to us a spirit of wisdom and

revelation knowledge of You, the eyes of our understanding being

enlightened: that we may know the hope of Your calling … the

riches of the glory of Your inheritance in the saints… the exceeding

greatness of Your power toward us who believe according to the

working of Your mighty power which You worked in Christ when

You raised Him from the dead…Eph 1:17-20

My children are not ignorant concerning spiritual things. (1

Cor 12:1) They have wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of

Him. (Eph 1:17)

The LORD [is] good to my family: and his tender mercies

[are] over us all (Ps 145:9)

All my children [shall be] taught of the LORD; and great is

their peace. (Is 54:13)

They receive correction and instruction and understanding

when they are rebuked or disciplined. (Prov 10:8) I discipline them

early and they give me rest. My children apply their mind to

instruction and correction, their ears to words of knowledge. (Prov


They have crucified the flesh… and live and walk in the

Spirit. (Gal 5:24-25)

The Lord makes them increase and abound in love one

toward another, and toward all people. (1 Thess 3:12) They are

patient, kind, not envious, not prideful, not rude, not selfish, nor

easily angered, they think no evil and don’t lie, but rejoice in truth

and think the best of people. (1 Cor 13:4-6)

They have God’s divine nature in them, having escaped the

corruption that is in the world through lust. (2 Pet 1:4)

No weapon that is formed against them shall prosper; and

every bad report against them is proven wrong. (Is 54:17)

The angels have charge over them and keep them in all their

ways. (Ps 91:11) With long life they are satisfied. (Ps 91:16) I apply

the blood of Jesus to their minds and bodies.


My children delight to do Thy will. Thy word is within their

heart. (Ps 40:8) They have your Word, and keep it. You manifest

Yourself to them. (John 14:21) My children desire the word, and

grow. (1 Pet 2:2)

They are kindly affectionate one to another with brotherly

love; in honor preferring one another. (Rom 12:10)

My children are not unequally yoked together with

unbelievers: in friendships or in faith.

They let the peace of God rule in their hearts, and are

thankful. (Col 3:15)

When they go, God’s Word leads them; when sleeping, it

keeps them; and when they awake, it talks with them. (Prov 6:22)

My children are mighty upon earth: and are blessed. (Ps


My children obey their parents in the Lord: They honor their

father and mother; and all goes well with them, and they live long

on the earth. (Eph 6)

As for my children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all

learning and wisdom: they are ten times better than all the children

of the world. (Dan 1)

They are strong in the spirit and filled with wisdom, and the

grace of God is on them. They increase in favor with God and Man.

(Luke 2:40, 51)

My children yield to the fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace,

patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and selfcontrol,

and they are fruitful in the knowledge of God.

My children continue in the things they have learned in the

Word and have been assured of. (2 Tim 3:14) Their hearts retain

Your Words.

Excerpts from “Pursuing The Kingdom Mandate” copyright 2013 by Robin Bremer

Father teach my friend about the authority and power you paid for them to walk in. Show them how they can expect to bring LIFE wherever they go. Fill them with your Holy Spirit and power. In Jesus name Thanks Daddy.


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