Jul 24

Pictures From Vent Haven Convention -Jeff Dunham, Taylor Mason, Dan Horn, Jimmy Nelson


Hi friends today I am taking a break and sharing with you some pictures from the ventriloquist convention I just returned from. IMG_20130720_222634



jeff small


Jeff Dunham, me & Niki





Taylor Mason & Romeo (famous Christian Ventriloquist) with me and Niki


Dan Horn  (TV & Cruise ship Famous) my Favorite Ventriloquist


Dan Horn my favorite Ventriloquist 

jimmy nelson me SMALL

Jimmy Nelson (of TV Fame for about 50 years) and me and Niki

The Terry Fator Show with over 600 ventriloquist in the audience and a crowd of about 1,500 or more.

IMG_20130719_185708 IMG_20130719_191938




Charlie Chaplin me and Niki (Bob Rumba)




 Above-Jeff Dunham teaching our class Creating Meaningful Characters (We heard how all his puppets got created in his head!)


Below Taylor Mason in the Big Show Saturday night with Romeo 

IMG_20130720_213722 IMG_20130720_205745

Taylor Mason with Paco. (Above)

I had a library show today and got home yesterday at 4am after a challenging 20 hour bus ride one way from the convention in KY. So I am going to try to come down from my excitement level of all I learned and want to put into practice.

I pray that you are the best you can be in your gifts, talents and passions! I  pray that doors open for you to go to the next level and that you have favor in every area of your life.

Be blessed tonight, good night!





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