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Guest Post by Arold Augustin-God’s Word Stands Firm Even In The Midst Of Doubts


God’s Word Stands Firm Even In The Midst Of Doubts by Arold Augustin

There are several schools of thought on God’s Word today, many of which attempt to undermine the true purpose of the Word, fostering doubt about its truth and authenticity. If you are firm in your faith and belief, none will be able to succeed at attempting to shadow your belief with these doubts.

When someone first accepts Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, it is a simple task to teach them that the Bible is the source of the Word of God and that its teachings and purpose are perfect. The truth of God’s Word is perhaps what led them to accept Christ’s sacrifice in the beginning. If the Word of God were not true, how then could they experience true salvation?

One very difficult lesson to learn during a Christian’s walk is that even though you have been saved, this does not stop the difficulties that can often happen during one’s life. This simple fact will be a challenge of faith for those who have been born again.

While there will be scholars and teachers and those with contrary beliefs who will try to use intellect and logic to disprove the salvation of the new Christians, this behavior should be expected from those who do not personally know their Savior and Creator and the new Christians may feel that they need to be on guard and defensive in their walk of faith.

Even if the new Christians attend schools that are based on the Christian faith they will experience these contrary beliefs. Some Bible scholars also may be involved in destroying the faith of the new Christians, even if they don’t knowingly attempt to do so.

They may do this by using such language and phrases as, “there is another version that is better than this,” or “there is another translation that is better and it goes like this…” The fact remains that God is powerful enough to keep His Word intact and uncompromised to fulfill its purpose, and it will not return to Him void.

In ancient Biblical times, the Word of God was simply called “The Holy Scriptures.” There had been no translations of the Word yet and the Bible was mainly in Hebrew and Greek, and the apostles believed God and His Word. Psalm 12:6-7 states that The Lord’s Words are pure and perfect as a whole. It also tells us that His Word will endure for eternity. This can be taken literally.

These modern times we live in are inconsequential regarding the truth of God’s Word. Arguments have attempted to discount and dispel the truth of God’s word since man has existed. In regards to this, be encouraged! The Lord’s promise is that He will sustain us through His Word that is uncompromised! The Lord does not lie. He is completely able to do everything that He promises easily. He not only preserves His Word but He ensures that its message and purpose remain intact.

The Author of the Word is the Holy Spirit, the one person of the Trinity. He will maintain it and stand firmly by it. Through God’s Word, we can experience the life-changing power that it brings, and the Word does and will bring lost sheep to our Lord and Savior Christ for eternal salvation every day.

So let your hearts be encouraged by the Words in Jeremiah 1:1, in which God says, He watches to see that His Word is fulfilled. Just like He maintains your life, He maintains His Word that causes your spirit to flourish and blossom and grow, creating you to be more and more like His much loved Son.

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