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Our Vision – “The Biggest Bullying” Answer to Whip the biggest bully


Have you ever been bullied? Do you sometimes feel like an ostrich?  If you are human than you  have. The biggest bully is the devil and it is HE that is behind every bullying! He bullies us into not receiving what the blood of Jesus paid for us to have and he bullies people into bullying others. Here is our vision and mission in this ministry. I thank you for keeping this project in prayer. Our needs are finances to do this at a professional level, professional help, creativity, skill, knowledge and my ability as a ventriloquist to write the script, and preform it. Skill and wisdom to write the books, studies, dvds, Al my husband to do the music, prayer cards, coloring books and posters. The right tools and professionals in each field and when done FAVOR, promotion to go into the right places to preform.

The Vision

Bully proofing children in today’s society is the commission of this ministry.

Our Mission

Successful bullying prevention includes education, preparation, and teamwork.  We start by educating the children using puppets, comedy and audience participation.   Our team of puppets includes Niki the monkey, Sergeants Gramps,  our gorilla and others.

The facts

Bullying is a real threat to children and teens.

Suicide is the third leading cause

The victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims.

Bullying destroys the child core identity and self esteem

There is hope

Our program is not offered at school because the foundation is the Word of God which provides permanent life changes in every area of a child’s life

We create a safe environment where everyone understands bullying and we empower children to actively intervene to prevent and stop bullying in their own lives.

The answer

When children understand who they are in Christ they can change themselves and situations, and bring changes to their families and communities around them.  They are made aware that they are children of God, greatly loved, valuable and special.  Every child has a God ordained purpose in their lives. With our life- changing ministry that shares how the can have successful living, they will no longer be under the power of fear, but know knowing that they have a life filled with purpose, they will be experiencing their full unlimited potential.



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