Publishing Packages

We offer 2 different Publishing Package to fit your needs.

Our Regular Package and our Payment Package.



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Promoting Book Packages

We offer 3 different Book Promoting Package to fit your changing needs. We can promote your book as a Kindle Free book (KDP Select Program),  99 cent promotion, or a Permafree book.

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Coaching Session

1/2 Hour Coaching Session with Printable Notes

A phone interview to help you succeed.

Get clear about your goals.

  • Develop a plan for success
  • Understand the publishing process
  • Organize and develop your book or book proposal.
  • Expand your author platform.
  • Develop a powerful and effective promotion plan for your book.


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Enhance Your Kindle Description

Enhance Your Kindle description and make it look like Kindle is promoting you.

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Book Trailer

Our team will create a book trailer that will increase your visibility and sales.

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Gets Reviews

Getting reviews for your book has never been easier.

Just get our list of reviewers and fill out our template and send. As simple as that!

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FREE WEBINAR- “Write, Publish & Promote”

Sign up for our free webinar and learn how to Write, Publish & Promote your book. Learn how to do the technical stuff and tricks of the trade.

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