May 23

Oh The Blood



God made Man to have authority and dominion over the earth, and when Adam disobeyed God and chose to obey the devil, then Satan became man’s ruler and owned man’s authority. Satan became the ruler over earth, the one to have man’s dominion and authority over the planet. Because God follows His own rules and gave the planet to man, He could not go in as God and take back the planet from Satan. So in order to restore man to the rightful position of ruler, God made the covenant with man.

It was because of the covenant, Jesus could bring God’s help to man. Through the Holy Spirit, we are empowered with God and can legally be empowered to rule, reign, have dominion and subdue the planet. We now carry the government inside us to enforce the judgment of the devil (guilty) and man (innocent) and bring about justice that the blood of Jesus paid for us to have.

Jesus had to be born of a women in order to legally enter the earth as a man. He could not have the contaminated blood of man, that is why He had to be born of a virgin. God gave legal right to rule this earth to man. So by becoming a man and putting aside His godly attributes He legally fulfilled His requirements. In order to empower Jesus legally He had the Holy Spirit on Him empowering Him. Because of what Jesus did for us on the cross we are now filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Jesus representative.

Next God made a covenant with Jesus. When we get saved we are IN the covenant through Jesus our legal representative for man as a man. Look below at what the Coveanant is all about and what it means to us.

A blood covenant was between 2 people or groups, and the purpose was to exchange strengths for what the other was weak in.

For example, one group might be good farmers, but they kept getting beat up by neighbors and losing their livestock. The second group might be great warriors, but not have fertile ground to grow their food. So they would make a covenant: one getting food and the other, protection.

The Workings of a Covenant

Here is how it worked: They would exchange strength and weakness for the other group’s strength and weakness.

1. Exchange weapons—a symbol of giving each other their strength. Now the enemies of one are the enemies of both.

2. Exchange coats: a symbol of my authority. All I have is yours and yours is mine.

3. Exchange names: they would cut themselves and intermingle their blood to show loyalty. They now were one.

4. Then they sacrificed an animal and walked through the blood. They stood in the middle, saying curses and blessings to each other.

5. Each person pronounced blessings/promises to each other that could never be broken.

6. Each group pronounced curses/penalty to each other. Death, if the promises were broken. They even said by what curse they would die.

7. They ate a covenant meal together of bread and wine, which showed their willingness to lay down their lives for each other. (Communion)

The bread represented their flesh and the wine their blood. Let me show you what I mean. This is where this story begins. It is the story of a man named Abraham and his family. Abraham had a covenant like this and this is his story. Abraham had a “Blood Covenant” and his covenant partner was GOD.

Abraham’s part of the covenant was to believe God. Today our part is to believe God. To believe what Jesus did for us and to receive it. Have you received Jesus as your covenant partner? Say this prayer to make Him Lord of your life. “Father God, I accept the free gift of Jesus and make Him Lord of my life. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and show me how much you love me. In Jesus’ name.”

Excerpts from “Pursing The Mandate” by Robin Bremer


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  1. Jenny

    I thought that Jesus had to be born of a women to fulfill the prophecy in Genesis 3:15.

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