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Tips for completing the Tax Interview as a non-US person
All CreateSpace members must complete the Tax Interview, regardless of their country of domicile. If you are a non-US person, these tips can help you troubleshoot common problems.

This information is not intended as business or tax advice—for that, we recommend you consult a tax adviser.

  • If you have questions about what to enter in a particular field, you can often hover your mouse cursor over the field for more information.
  • Once your form is completed, you can always update your information later.
  • Make sure the information you enter is exact—no spelling mistakes or typos in any name or number fields.
  • The permanent residence must not be a PO Box, and should not include any delivery instructions.
  • After providing your information, you’ll see a form with your information for you to review.
  • Important: This is not the last step.
  • After reviewing the form, you will be asked to provide an electronic signature. If you do not provide this electronically, you will have to mail a signed form and this will block you from publishing content until we receive and process your forms.

Learn more in the Tax Interview Information Guide.

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