Jun 05

NEW Bible Study EMPOWERS CHILDREN to Experience The Holy Spirit & Power


Children need to learn the power of the Bible. To many times we water down the Bible and give them Bible stories. The Bible is meant to be experienced. Children that are saved have the same Holy Spirit in them as an adult. The Holy Spirit is our teacher, helper and revealer of things to come. As a clown I minister alot of VBS and I see God not being real to them. I see children being pushed aside and being entertained. I have created a Coloring Book Bible Study Series for children. Here is the first one that is being created right now and will be published as soon as I can find the right illustrater! I am excited because Dr. Stephen and Kellie Swisher – Copeland (Commander Kellie of the Superkids)have endorsed this Bible Study Series. (read below)

A Bible Study  COLORING BOOK-FEED MY Kids JOY Vol.1 By Robin Bremer


This is an instruction manual for children in God’s army. This book is a keepsake book. It is not meant to be colored in one day and put away. This book is meant to be shared with friends and family. It will become your story; each page that is colored becomes a memory and remainder of what is said on that page. Read this book with your child, Have them tell you what it means, color together and grow in the word together. Read this book over and over and as the years go by you will build memories together.

This Bible Study-coloring book is for parents who want their children to grow strong in the Lord. Through this book they will learn how to be a victorious Christian. This book will teach your child about the GOODNESS of God. They will learn and experience His love for your child. This book will teach your child how to have a personal relationship with God and hear His voice as He directs them in life.


“We are for anyone who is for Jesus…and Robin is for Jesus. In this resource she has used her creative talents to present the faith to children. May it be a blessing.”

 Dr. Stephen and Kellie Swisher – Copeland (Commander Kellie of the Superkids)


Chapter 1-In the Beginning- Man’s Authority

Chapter 2- God Loves you

Chapter 3 –How to Pray

Chapter 4 – The Power Gift of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 5- PRAISE Power

Chapter 6- HEALING is for you Today

Below are “Ribbons Kingdom Kids Video Series” More to come later this year.

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