Apr 13

My SUPERNATURAL Experience -Demons & Sickness



My response to all sickness and disease of any kind is, “No!”. I know that my Father God has send Jesus to the cross to carry ALL my sins and the result of that sin(sickness, disease, death, poverty and fear) on the cross. Over 2,000 years ago before I was born or committed one sin Jesus died for all my sin. The result of sin was the fall of earth and everything that was under our rule. When we fell we took down all that was to be under our authority. When Jesus went to the cross not only did He take my sin but He took all my sickness, weakness and diseases I could every get on himself so I would not have to get them. With every whipping He took my pain, and all sickness and disease. So when any sickness or pain tries to show its ugly demonic face I tell it no.

Over the last several years I have worked up to having no colds or sickness. When I would get a sniffle, I would stop right there and say, “no, I do not receive any symptom of a cold, I will not have a runny nose in Jesus name” then it would stop for a few hours. When it tried to come back I would do the same thing until I had no cold or symptom. In several years I have had about 1 cold, until this last week. Let me tell you about what happened a few days or week before.

One night I had a dream. I was looking in a mirror at my face when all of a sudden my face started to distort and turned into a demon face, the face smiled at me in an evil grin. ( I am not sure if it just smiled or laughed at me also)  I woke up instantly! I felt an evil presence and rebuked it. I thought about what it could all mean. One think I felt for sure that it was an attack on me in the future. I felt as though it was a mocking spirit. I had dealt with one of them before.

I got sick on Saturday. The symptoms didn’t leave. I felt worn out and weary. I had been feeling guilty for questioning God about some scriptures that seem to contredict grace. I was FEELING guilty about Question GOD about something I need answers to. Soon I was feeling tormented. The next event was that night. I watched a stupid movie. It just was the wrong movie. It was called “Fallen” I believe that somehow a demon was attatched to it or was attrated by it or that the same mocking demon from my dream used that show to torment me all night. As I slep I felt as though I was going crazy. The toughts in my head seemed to be non stop steady streams of  “PROFANITY”! No anyone who knows me knows I don’t swear, I hate even subsituite swear words. I havent said a swear word in over 29 years. So this was NOT ME. Yet my brain would not shut up. It was like an old fashion ticker take, a steady stream of unthinkable words. Even when I was 1/2 awake and would think a sentence it would have several unrelated swear words in it.

I stayed home from church totally worn out and feeling weird! Then I was sick like a super bad cold with bouts of coughing till my head hurt. Then the kidney stone pain came after several hours I went to the emergency room to find out what it was. The nurse said the worst was over but she was wrong! After a day of freedom and feeling pretty good, I started having pain again for several hours than of and on. Anyway today I don’t know if I passed the 3 mm stone or not but I am NOT gonna have pain like that again and I do believe it was a planned and deliberate attack on me. I think that behind sickness and disease is a life, a life of a demon at some level. If you look at Jesus, He always told it to go! So it has ears and a way to travel. However you want to look at it sickness and disease is NOT from God and He paid for you to be healed and healthy. One thing about this ordeal is I felt strong in the pain that I know who I am in Christ and I will not back down. Some times we think we know but when it happens we aren’t where we thought we were. I am excited to know that I have grown in the Lord in this area.

The final word is to read my “Tips ” from the last 2 post and KNOW who you are in Christ!

Have a blessed Saturday.

Share your experience with the GOOD Supernatural things of God.



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