May 23

Memorial Day Shopping, Buns, Hot Dogs & Family & Fun. 


Hi Friends, I know over the weekend many of you will be having family over to celebrate and have fun together. I know that you will shop for charcoal, hot dogs, hamburger, soda, chips and buns for this weekend so I wanted to share with you a way you can start a conversation with unsaved family members. Did you know that in the food store, in the bread section that there are color codes on the bread as to when it was baked.  Today I am going to give you a poem to remember so that you know what loaf of bread or hot dog buns to buy FRESH. Below you will find a picture of the colors code system so you can buy fresh bread every time. ALSO this is a great conversational opener to unsaved family and friends. Just tell them about the code and then explain what it means!!

HOW TO REMEMBER THE BREAD TIES COLOR THAT REPRESENT HOW FRESH THE BREAD IS. Each color represent the day of the week it was baked. Look at the bottom colors and they tell you what day it was baked. Look at my poem to help you remember the color order so that when you shop you know which color was baked what day. Share with friends.

bread ties


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