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Kat Kerr’s Revealing Heaven & its Best Keep Secrets (REPOSTED from previous post)


This is a re-posting of my FAVORITE information that Kat Kerr  (author of Revealing Heaven) has posted on my Blog. IT IS SO GREAT THAT I WANT TO SHARE IT AGAIN!

So below is Kats post. I LOVE THE FACT THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT IS KNOWN IN HEAVEN AS THE DRAMA KING! I can see it, He raises the dead, and does all kinds of DRAMA!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do every time I re-read it!

The Father is truly the original Supernatural, it all came from Him. He did not just appear somewhere in Eternity, even eternity came from Him!  He lives in a spiritual world called Heaven (it is His ‘HOUSE’) and everything there is supernatural (beyond what we think of as natural or normal).  When the Father began to take me on tours of Heaven in 1996, I was undone by what people, who live there, are able to experience.   They eat amazing food, but have no weight gain or food allergies; the reason for that is simple, all the food in Heaven is made out of light.  It looks like, tastes like and smells like the REAL or natural food on this earth, but MUCH better in every way.  One thing that is definitely different in Heaven is that you actually SEE aromas, not just smell them.  You can be walking down the streets of Gold and all of a sudden, you see aromas coming from a bakery and WHAM, it draws you into the shop where you may enjoy delightful desserts made by a master baker (his gift God gave him).  I am certain many people living in Heaven have experienced this very thing.

In Heaven, it is natural to be Supernatural; in other words it is their way of life.  You walk on rainbow bridges or are caught up on ‘roads of light’ and carried across the sky of Heaven.  Other forms of transportation are the Transport Kiosks which have brilliant beams of light streaking from there openings.  When you want to travel to the other side of Heaven, you would step into the light rays and say where you want to go.  Faster than you can blink, you are pulled into the rays and taken to the other side of Heaven and will be seen stepping out of another kiosk.  No matter where you are in Heaven, when you begin to worship; you are caught up with your worship and ‘ride’ across the skies of Heaven and into the Throne Room.  Sometimes as you are walking down a path in the countryside and decide where you are going, the ground begins to move you along like many of the ‘moving walkways‘ do on earth.  Some people travel in their own Star Cruisers that operate with light as the fuel.  There are NEVER traffic jams, breakdowns, fuel shortages or accidents.  What a wonderful place God has prepared for those that love Him.

There are so many places to visit when you move to Heaven and I happen to know that your relatives and friends living there have already made lists of different things you would love to experience.  There are supernatural parts of Heaven that are VERY different from one another; such as Cowboy Heaven, Valley of the Falls, Techno City, Passionate Paradise, Christmas Town, The PUBS (People Under Best divine Saturation), (I Robin Bremer would love this one, I love to get drunk IN THE HOLY SPIRIT) but the most favorite place to be is the Throne Room of God.

I do have to say some of my most amazing trips were to the Throne Room.  It is housed in a magnificent White building, whose walls expand to let more people in to worship. As you enter in, you will see the Glory cloud which exists most of the time and see the Throne high and lifted up in the middle of the room, so that all of Gods children can circle round about the Throne.  The Living Creatures (powerful beings with living eyes in all of their six wings as well as in their bodies; in front and in back) will be facing those sitting upon the Throne and continually shout HOLY, HOLY, HOLY until the walls begin to shake.  The holy seraphim dip down out of the glory cloud above the throne and you can see blue fire burning from the tops of their heads.  The Father, splendid and HOLY sitting upon the Throne with His son sitting at His right side will cause you to be overwhelmed with awe.  Sometimes you can actually see the River of Life flowing from the person of the Father and sometimes it flows from the Throne out into the streets.  I always tell people, that the Father looks like LOVE and is LOVE!

(I have to include the person of the Holy Spirit (whom most in Heaven call the Drama King) whose being is invisible but you can sometimes see the outline of His person because fire or colors swirl around His being.( Kat has a picture of this on one of her FB post)  He has unlimited layers of Himself (which each layer is a ‘whole’ of Him.  Whenever He sends a layer of Himself somewhere it is just as if His whole being were there.  That’s how He is able to be everywhere all at the same time (that will mess up ones mind). Whenever you receive the infilling or indwelling of the Holy Spirit, He sends a ‘layer’ of Himself, which is a ‘whole’ of Himself to live in you and you become The Temple of the Holy Spirit!  Although He is God and is part of the Trinity, He does have emotions and likes and dislikes.  I was told by the Lord that Holy Spirit loves to ride His horse named Thunder and He would ride him to the unknown reaches of the Universe.  Cool.  God is right now preparing the earth for the Kingdom Age, when His sons and daughters will manifest His power through supernatural signs and wonders.  Just a few of those signs and wonders I was shown are:  stopping earthquakes and making everything go back to the state it was in before the quake.  Another is raising the dead that were cremated, WOW, that will show that we belong to the Living God! Trust me, God said He would have no problem putting all the ashes back together again!

Before I end, I must mention that the most amazing thing about the Trinity is their LOVE for us.  It mentions in the first chapter of the book of John that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, yet we did not know Him.  Although we were sinners, He died for us and even now desires that none should perish!  Even though He is despised and cursed by many, yet He loves us!  If you belong to Him, please do not use Grace as an excuse or right to sin, you make His death seem pointless!  When you receive Christ as your savior you are empowered with a supernatural anointing (1John 2:27) which is a powerful weapon against the enemy of your soul.  Please remember that everything God does and says is done to draw you to know Him!

In these powerful beginning of the Last Days, He is going to pour out His spirit on all flesh and it will cause a chain reaction around this world!  You are alive now because He desires to use you to let this world know He lives!  Get ready to enter into the most supernatural time that will exist on this planet; a time to RULE for Him, not to RUN in fear!  In Heaven they call it the Kingdom Age; Our Father who is in Heaven, HOLY be your name, your Kingdom come, your Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven!  Is about to get very Supernatural, be excited!book_revealing heaven

THANK YOU KAT KERR at  http://www.reavealingheaven.com

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