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Kat Kerr -Interview About Angels -Author of “Revealing Heaven An Eye Wittness Account”


 WHO is Kat Kerr- Below is the book she has authored as The Spirit took her to heaven hundreds of times. As she visited heaven she saw thousands of angels. Her book described below continues the mission of revealing heaven. Today she has honored us with answering our QUESTIONS ON ANGELS.


If you have always wondered about Life after Death, this is the book for you ! It will Amaze, Delight and give you Hope for Eternity. Don’t just read about Heaven; ‘see’ what it has to offer those who choose to go there by accepting Jesus as their Savior (John 3:16 & 17). You will be surprised when you learn what God has prepared for His people. The bible says, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him. But God has revealed them unto us by His Spirit….”

(I Corinthians 2:9 & 10)

Kat Kerr was taken by the Spirit of God on tours of Heaven for over ten years and has now been commissioned to reveal what she was shown. Two scribe angels were assigned to assist her and they have also delivered the ‘Foreword’ for the book, which is a profound message from God! She not only visited Heaven, but was shown visions of many things that are about to take place on earth. We are entering into a ‘Holy’ season of Heaven being released on earth – it will change life as we know it!

Prepare to not only read about her journeys, but through the illustrations, you will ‘view’ places which actually exist in Heaven. Besides the ‘Throne Room’, you will see the ‘Portal’ where those living in the celestial city go to view their families on earth. You will also visit the ‘Rush’, Heaven’s biggest roller coaster and then go to the nurseries and meet ‘Rahmee’, one of the many angels who care for the millions of aborted and miscarried babies – Heaven has ALL of them. Learn how, because of the grace of God, you get a ‘second’ chance to raise your baby in Heaven; if you choose to make it your home when you die. You will see and read about many other fantastic places she saw in Heaven.

In ‘Revealing Heaven’, you will read about the lives of three individuals who now live in Heaven and how their families’ lives were changed forever when God lifted the veil between the celestial realm and earth and allowed them to ‘hear’ from Heaven. You will see for yourself the ‘evidence’ that was provided by a young girl’s mother, as proof that Heaven is a literal place where you continue to live a life of ‘joy’ after you die!

Grief will be dispelled for all who have lost loved ones! You are NOT forgotten by those who have passed on and they see you more often then you could have ever imagined (read Hebrews 12:1). They are more alive in Heaven than they ever were on earth and they will be there to greet you one day, when you arrive at the gate. JUST IMAGINE – Perfect Love and Peace with freedom from sickness, fear, poverty, old age, hate, crime and war; only a life lived in the presence of a Holy, Loving God. He has prepared a place for you, but will you occupy it? Hell is the alternative (which is also described in the book) and no one will want to go there! To insure your entrance into Heaven, please follow the instructions given in Chapter Ten of the book. I pray you will be encouraged through the revelations given and Praise God for His Goodness to mankind for Revealing Heaven!


Note: Watch for Volumes II and III of Revealing Heaven, which continue the journeys to Heaven – also illustrated!

on DEC 10-My guest blogger Kat Kerr author of “Revealing Heaven-An Eyewitness Account ” will be answering our questions on ANGELS


What is the smallest/ largest/strangest angel you have seen and what do they do?

Answer: The smallest ones I have seen are those who care for the flowers in Heaven.  Small, delicate and some look like little children so they can become the play partners of little children who come to HEAVEN.    The largest were the 200 foot Fire Angels, made out of light and smoke and the strangest ones were just big eyeballs with wings.  The Father sends them around the earth, recording our lives.

Do our guardian  angel have feelings of love or compassion for the person they are assigned to?

Answer: Yes, they are assigned to us at the time of conception and remain with us all our lives.  They even help escort us home to Heaven when we die.  They do have a special affection for us that comes from the Father, and sometimes even like the same food or things we like here onearth.  They get very excited when we make the right choices and do everything within the power God gives them to protect us.

What do angels assigned to people who end up going to hell do after their person dies?

Answer: They return to Heaven for a much needed restoration, probably not very happy that the person they have guarded all their life was just dragged to Hell and they could do nothing to stop it!

The largest angel you have ever seen?

Answer: One of the Host of Heaven (a Fire angel who serves in the armies of Heaven) and he was 200 feet tall bring a deposit of the Fire from Heaven into our city.  There are millions of Angels and too many types to mention as God is unlimited in HiS creativity.

Do angels have a sense of humor?

Answer: Angels have many of the same feelings as we do and humor is definitely one of them.

What activates our angels? 


Does every person born have an angel?

Answer: Yes,

What do angels do when babies are aborted or lost?

They carry their own assigned child , home to Heaven.

What makes angels sad?

Answer: When we disobey God and when we are mean to each other.

How can we tell that Angels are near?

Answer: Most people can ‘feel’  their presence

Do angels appear from different nationalities?

Answer: Yes- I have seen many types of  Angels

Do angels work in an unbelievers life?

Answer: Absolutely

What do you think the scripture means when it says we will not be given in marriage or marrying in heaven but we will be like the angels?

Answer: The angels never marry, nor are they given to be married, which is exactly how Believers are that go to Heaven,

What are some of the things you have seen angels do working on earth?

Answer: I have seen Scribe angels recording our words and courier angels collecting worship.  I have also seen messenger angels deliver the replacement body parts.  Usually most of the angels I see are the warring angels fighting the demons.

What happens to angels when we worship?

Answer: They love it and start singing too!!   Or dance in worship?  They usually start dancing first.

What kind of work do the angels do in heaven?

Answer: They care for millions of babies in the nurseries and also help to keep everything in order.

Do our angels look like us?

Answer: Not all of them

Can angels change the way they appear to us?

Answer:Yes, especially in line with their current assignment.

picture copyright 3rd Day~Photizo 2012

Below are some AWESOME observation of Angels that Kat  Kerr wanted to share with us.

All angels have different personalities like we do,  they are not robots.  They also have a will and those who remained with the Father after Lucifers revolt, LOVE the Holy Trinity very much.  Most of the Worship angels chose to follow Lucifer and so were thrown out of Heaven.  WE replace those angels by worshipping God and the devil hates it when we praise God as he thinks he should be worshipped instead.

The most unusual angels are those serving under Michael, in the army of Heaven.  Some even change shape and transform into a ship to streak thru the spirit realm to wherever they will battle the demons and when they arrive, they then transform into a weapon.   Some of these angels have more than two eyes, because they have a band that goes all the way around their heads that are covered with eyes so they see then enemy no matter where they are standing! They live in real barracks in Heaven, just like our soldiers down here have barracks.  After fighting in a certain number of battles, they are called back to Heaven for rest and and some relaxation.  They will help and assist each other whenever the need arises.

Another type of angel in Heaven that is very beautiful are those that care for the waterfalls and brooks.  These angels are feminine in appearance and are filled with green twinkling lights.  You don’t see them until they step out of the waterfalls and begin to sing wonderful  melodies.

Many of Gods angels do look like humans, but some don’t look anything like us.  Almost all angels carry the Glory and even their clothing shines brightly.  People sometimes argue about whether they have wings or not, but what they don’t know is that sometimes the wings are invisible or are made out of beams of light or energy.

THERE are thousands of angels being released to the earth to be a part of the greatest move of God this world will ever experience!!!  They will be assisting us to do some of the supernatural signs & wonders.

Blessings,   KAT

Kat Kerr web site is here.


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