Aug 08

Jesus Danced with me Around the Christmas Tree… Living a SUPERNATURAL LIFE


Being a CHRISTIAN should be SUPERNATURAL. I found this picture on the FB and it is AWESOME, ( the artiest signature is at the bottom)  I had a vision. Jesus and me decorated the Christmas tree together then Him, me and several angels held hands just like this and danced around the Christmas tree!! ANOTHER TIME I DANCED with Jesus HE had this SAME look in His eyes. I was in the prayer room and a sweet worship song came on. He took me in His arms and danced with me. He twirled me in and out and spun me and dipped me with LOVE and DELIGHT in His eyes. JUST LIKE THIS PICTURE!!

jesus and me dancing


Father I pray today that You make yourself real to my friends. They are hungry to experience you their Daddy. They love you and long to be in Your presence. Thank you Daddy.

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