Jul 18

Jesus’ Blood Sacrifice Saved You Forever


Can Anyone Obey the 10 Commandments All The Time?

In the Old Testament were laws and if you broke one law your blood was required of you. Year after year this blood sacrifice was required for all your sins ( you could offer a perfect animal). Under the New Testament Jesus became our blood sacrifice taking all our punishment for our lifetime of sin. His blood was good enough to take away our lifetime of sins.

Old Covenant Law

  1. Punishment for sin was death, blood. 
  2. You could sacrifice an animal in your place. 
  3. The sacrifice had to be perfect without spot. 
  4. The sacrifice had to be offered yearly. Because it covered your sin for only 1 year.

 New Covenant Law

  1. Jesus was our sacrifice. He was without spot. 
  2. He was offered ONE time for ALL sin FOREVER. 
  3. He was the one sacrifice that was perfect enough to not cover sins but to take them away as if you never sinned. 
  4. When you sin God sees you through the blood of Jesus. 
  5. You are free from the penalty of sin which is the separation from God. 
  6. You are free from the wrath and judgment of God. 
  7. Jesus took all God wrath for your sin, your judgment and the result of sin so you could have a relationship with God.

Why Not sin if you are free from going to hell?

  1. The wages of sin is death. 
  2. You are created in His image with His nature. 
  3. Grace is Jesus paying for your sin and that makes you grateful. 
  4. You reap what you sow. Sowing sin will always reap death, death of dreams, death of relationships, death of finances, marriages, and opens the door for the devil to kill, steal and destroy you.

Do you find yourself not doing the things you know you could because you feel guilty for missing the mark?

Do you think that guilt holds you back from being successful? 



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