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Is Seminary Really Necessary by Guest Post -Sonya Thompson


Is Seminary Really Necessary by Guest Post -Sonya Thompson


The question always arises, “Is seminary really necessary for pastors and church leadership?” There was a time when people regarded seminary and Bible school as an absolute necessity, but today there are many serving in this capacity without a firm and sure foundation of Scripture. Seminary is extremely relevant today to help prepare pastors and church leaders to effectively minister to God’s people. It’s amazing how few church leaders know about the history of the Bible, how to exegete the Scripture, how to communicate effectively and how to prepare a uniform message to impact the people. It’s one thing to be called to teach, preach and minister, but it is another thing to take time and prepare oneself for effective ministry. Anyone can take a microphone and talk, but God is looking for men and women who can grasp the foundation of Scripture, pair it with His anointing and minister to His sheep.


A seminary degree also creates a certain level of structure and discipline for its attendees.  Discipline results in taking time to study and spend time with God as He gives revelation in His word. Structure comes as the pastor, minister or leader learns an organized manner of preparing, formulating, and delivering the word in an effective manner.  Seminary provides church leadership with a solid foundation to build upon.  It also aids in the enhancement of the individuals gift/grace to teach and preach the word and operate in the capacity assigned.  If you are serious about ministering and leading the kingdom forward with a spirit of excellence, then Vanguard Theological Seminary is for you. Vanguard theological Seminary (VTS) is internationally accredited and offers a high quality, affordable, spirit-filled, education for adult learners who desire to increase their knowledge of the Bible, grow in their faith, and develop their ministry gifts.


 Vanguard Theological Seminary (VTS) is a non-denominational institution of higher learning dedicated solely to the purpose of training and equipping men and women for effective ministry both within and outside of the church in counseling, education, business, theology, practical ministry and Biblical studies. Students graduate with the knowledge and skills which will enable them to be an effective witness in every segment of our society to include marketplace ministry in the areas of: business, education and government. VTS strongly believes that the Church has a mandate to impact our world in both spiritual and practical ways and we want to prepare and equip our students to serve effectively in whatever capacity they are called to serve.


Students not only graduate with a Degree, but they are prepared and equipped for life and service. Tuition starts @ only -+$50.00 a course online and you can pay as you go, and study at your own pace, in the convenience of your home! For a limited time there is no registration of application fee! The classes are priced in a manner to afford everyone the opportunity to obtain a solid biblical foundation Get Started today by clicking the link below.

For more information www.vts.education

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