Dec 25

Introducing a new author! Pastor Gail Craig


Introducing a new author! Congratulations Pastor Craig


We live in an age of troubling times, amidst many troubled people, and some with greatly differing opinions from ours and seemingly concerned only with exercising “my rights.” It is a vastly different time from when Jesus left all the splendors of heaven to become one with us on earth, and who, by the way, also had personal rights but did not exercise them. The question, “How would Jesus live?” in our day and age begs an answer.
What DOES God expect of Christians in this age? The book you have in your hand gives Scripture and practical application to help you discover how God expects Christians to live victoriously today:
•God’s expectations as Reapers and Harvesters
•As Holy Spirit-filled Witnesses
•Filled with Love and walking in Love towards others
•Living and demonstrating a Joy-filled life

Order his Kindle  book today at:

Print copy https://www.amazon.com/dp/1978304838/ref=sr_1_12?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1513963997

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I would be please to recommend using Robin Bremer as your self-publishing coach. She helped me get my first book “off the ground and up and running”! I would not have been able to do it without her. She was professional and eager to help. I could tell she was already busy but she always worked with me in a timely manner returning my phone calls and assisting me all aspects of self-publishing.

Ron Smith  “The Presence”


Robin is so easy to work with. I love that, but what I love even more is that she produces. My book: Enjoy Heaven Now, went from ranking in the 9000+ range in its category, to Amazon #1 Best Seller within 24 hours, using Robin Bremer’s service. That is a big leap, friends. I consider that nearly miraculous. I could not be happier.

Donna Crow


Robin Bremer is a Christian book writer and publisher. She does a fantastic job on her work and thanks to her I have four of my Children’s book published. She was very helpful in helping me get them done. She knows what she is doing and how to get it done. I am very pleased with her work and I recommend her to anyone needing her.

Karen Fischer (Author of 3 Books)




When I decided to publish a book about my life regarding my medical condition, I had absolutely no knowledge of the publishing business. Fellow ventriloquist and a pastor, Robin Bremer contacted me and said she could help get the book published. Because of the contents of the book, I was very skeptical of having a pastor with strong beliefs work on this subject matter. Before I’d work with her, I had to know her feelings about the subject and some of the subject words that couldn’t be sugar coated in the book. I have to say Robin is a professional in every way when it comes to publishing your book. I totally recommend Robin Bremer for your next book. She knows the business and she’ll treat you fair and be very honest with you.

Wilma Swartz




I want to thank you, so very much for working with me, to help me in all that I needed to get my book published. End-times made plan through Revelation and the Apocalypse By Jeanie Morrow The cover was excellent as well as the way the book was compiled, put together. I appricate the advice on how to get my book promoted and you even offered to send it to your friends, to help me. You were certainly God sent, as I prayed for the right person to help get my book published, and it was you. I look forward to workinjg with you again. God bless and uphold you, as you continue in helping other authors, who need a helping help to get started.

Jeanie Morrow




The Lord laid it on my heart to write a book concerning the things I experienced after my husband of thirty-five years went home to be with the Lord.  In it I dealt with the frustrations, the pain, the suffering, and the recovering with the help of the Lord.  She was so great in dealing with me, a sixty-seven year old computer illiterate. She is really good to work with and very patient.  She does a great job and is always accessible when help is needed. She is very knowledgeable in the process of getting a book printed.  If I were to rate her I would give her a five star.  Anyone wanting to print his or her book would be smart to employ her to do so.

Wilma lynch




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