Oct 09

“Intertwined DNA” The Kingdom of God, YOU & The Courts of Heaven


I am excited about a new book I have been working on for a long time. It is about how the Kingdom of God and the Courts of Heaven intertwine with your DNA it is part of WHO YOU ARE in Christ! The title is ….”Intertwined DNA”
The Kingdom of God, YOU & The Courts of Heaven
by Robin E. Bremer hoping to have it done by Christmas!

“This book will change your life and the way of doing warfare.”

Dominion is a term used in a kingdom. A king is to reign, rule, and have dominion. God created us to rule as kings on earth by what He accomplished in Christ. We are not bossing God around, God already did the finished work for us now. We are to command the devil, and spirits, weather, our bodies etc., to obey what Jesus accomplished by the finished work on the cross that is legally ours. Jesus ALREADY PAID it all!
We ENFORCE our authority given to us IN CHRIST. This is a legal battle that has already been won by the blood of Jesus. When we are not living “Heaven on earth” the devil is challenging our legal rights and has taken us to “court” to prove his legal rights to harass and harm us. In this book you will learn, how to rule on earth as a king in everyday life and how to take the devil to court and win your case every time.


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