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Intertwined DNA The Kingdom of God, YOU & The Courts of Heaven


 Excerpts from “Intertwined DNA The Kingdom of God, YOU & The Courts of Heaven” Copyright 2017

Due out Christmas 2017

The church needs to understand that she is the most powerful thing in the world. The church is to bring joy in every circumstance, by enforcing all that Jesus accomplished on the cross. We have the power in us to change any circumstances. We were created for dominion, to live on earth like we will in heaven. When circumstances don’t line up with the finished work on the cross then we as Christians are to enforce Gods will on earth as it is in heaven.

We have been given all things and have access to all things in Heaven so why do we see bad stuff happening to Christians? We have been given all things but we have an enemy that accuses us in order to keep from us what legally belongs to us. This book is about the power God has given to us to TAKE what legally belongs to us.

Remember that like all things the blood of Jesus paid for us to have, nothing is automatic is has to be received by faith!

In these end times YOU & I will be the ones to bring the water out of the rock and multiply the bread, replace body parts in the sick, raise the dead and walk on water for our families, communities, and the lost. . In order for you to walk in power that Jesus purchased with His blood you need to understand what God says about justice.  In this book I am going to talk about justice from God’s point of view and the devils point of view. Let’s start with the purpose that God created man.

Gods Reason for Creating Man

When God created man He had a purpose and reason. Below is part of why we were created.

  1. You have made him to have dominion over the works of Your hands;
  2. You have put all [things] under his feet, (Psa 8:7)

Wow that is pretty awesome. God created us to take dominion over everything He created. That means nature, animal, weather, our bodies, demons, even angels.

God created man in His [own] image; …. (Gen 1:28) … said to them,

  1. “…fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over…every living thing that moves on the earth.”

We are to subdue everything that gets out of Gods will. What might that be you ask. If you are sick you subdue it and command heath to your body. Jesus took all your sickness and diseases on the cross so they wouldn’t have any power over you. Enforce healing and health in your body! This book is about what Jesus did on the cross and how to have dominion and enforce His finished work. We are not bossing God around, God already did the finished work for us now we are to command the devil, and spirits, weather, our bodies etc., to obey what Jesus accomplished by the finished work on the cross. Jesus ALREADY PAID for us to be healthy and healed now we command it to be so. We do not ask for what He already did and said was ours. We do not beg, God is not holding it from us. We ENFORCE it with the authority given to us IN CHRIST. God gave us all dominion as kings on the earth. He wants His Kingdom (heaven’s government) to rule on earth, not Satan’s.

Dominion is a term used in a kingdom. A king is to reign, rule and have dominion. God created us to rule as kings on earth but we have fallen far from that. Thanks be to God who has placed us back into our position as king in the kingdom of God by what He accomplished in Christ. But first let me take you back to the start of man’s fall so you can understand the power we walk in now as redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

Man disobeyed God and fell from their place of authority. God sent Jesus to pay the price to put man back into their position of authority and dominion. God’s intent in redeeming you was that now, through YOU, you would show the wisdom of God and tell the rulers and authorities (devils and demons) in the heavenly realms, what His eternal purpose are that He accomplished in Christ Jesus. (Eph 3:10-11) In other words God has given you power and His desire is that you would command everything that doesn’t line up with His will to line up. But the problem is that most Christians feel unworthy, sinful, condemned and shameful. When we miss the mark we know that we did wrong and the devil makes us feel unworthy to do anything for God. It is very important NOT to feel condemned. When we know where condemnation comes from we will be able to walk in power and authority.

Before we can walk in power we need to understand grace and the finished work on the cross. In the Old Testament or covenant were many laws; a covenant was a legal binding contract. God made a covenant with Abraham and all his seed (we are his seed).  All these laws had to be followed.  If you did not follow these laws, or broke one of them, it was called sin and your blood was required.

 Some of these sins were passed down through many generations. Because the sin is passed down through the dna to the child many iniquities are passed down many generations even today. Somewhere in your generational line you probably have Jewish history which is embedded in your dna.

Let’s get back to explaining the Old Covenant History. God made the system so that instead of the blood of the sinner, they could offer the blood of certain animals. Remember the life is in the blood.

The law (10 commandments) was for those who were under the law in the old covenant (The Jews), so that the whole world was held accountable to God. (Rom 3:19), (Rom 3:20)

But in the new covenant no one is righteous (made right with God and forgiven of their sins) by obeying the law. Instead the law was given to makes us aware of sin that we needed a savior because we COULDN’T always obey the law.  (Rom 3:21) But righteousness, which is right standing with God came from God, not from OUR “doing” the law or “being good” but as a free gift of righteousness. (Rom 3:22)

Righteousness or being right with God is as if we never sinned and comes from God through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. The only requirement is to believe in Jesus. There is no difference between someone who is good or doing good things or right things, because we (Rom 3:23) all have sinned by failing to obey the law completely. So we get saved and stay saved by faith in Jesus!  But while we were still sinners He has made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all sins, having wiped out the handwriting of requirements (law written on stone) that was against us. He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross (showing us that it is fulfilled). Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it (Col 2:13-15). The devil used the breaking of THE LAW to condemn us but Jesus took away what was condemning us by dying on the cross.

Grace is something not earned by right behavior but It is a gift given to us freely without anything due from us but to believe in Christ Jesus. (Rom 3:25)

 Remember the above scripture is how GOD sees us. The devil is still looking for legal in roads in which to kill, steal and destroy us. When he finds a legal way to harass us due to unrepentive sin or generational sin called iniquity he will take us to court. I will share on this later in this book.

(Rom 3:24) We are justified, which is a legal term that means it is just as if you have never sinned, comes freely by his grace. God sacrificed Jesus in our place as payment for our sins so that through faith in his blood our sins for our whole lifetime where paid for. We are sinners because of Adam’s sin not because of our sin. Because we are sinners we sin. The same way we are righteous when we receive all Jesus accomplished for us. It’s not by our SELF-EFFORT but by what He did.

What does the Old Testament say about our guilt?

The old covenant sacrifices couldn’t pay for our sins, but Jesus could by suffering all God’s wrath and punishment due to us. He paid the price to justify us. (Rom 3:26)

He did it to demonstrate God’s justice for us today, so He could make us right with Himself by our faith in Jesus and not OUR works (Rom 3:27). This way there would  not be boasting, we couldn’t say we did it.  We can’t boast that WE are forgiven and on our way to heaven because WE observed the law. Instead God gets credit because it is all by faith.   (Rom 3:28) We are justified by faith, not from doing the law.  (Rom 3:30) and it is God, who justifies us by faith.

Jesus fulfilled the Law for us so we are free from the law and its curse.

 Excerpts from “Intertwined DNA The Kingdom of God, YOU & The Courts of Heaven” Copyright 2017

Due out Christmas 2017

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