Images on Cover or in Book Guidelines



What should I know about low-resolution images?
Dots per inch (DPI) is used to measure the quality or resolution of an image. For optimal printing we suggest that all images for both the cover and interior are at least 300 DPI. As this is a recommendation only, you will be notified during the file review process if there are low resolution images, however, you may still move forward with the files as is. In order to determine if you are satisfied with the quality of the images in print, you may wish to order a proof copy of your book. Alternatively, you may upload revised files. Prior to doing so please check the following:

  1. If any images were scanned from physical copies, ensure they were scanned at high-resolution (300 DPI)
  2. Make sure all images are scaled at 100% as the resolution of an image will decrease if it is enlarged in the native program
  3. Make sure to use settings that will not downsample image resolution

To assist with identifying low-resolution images, you may utilize our Interior Reviewer tool during the Interior setup process. You can also use our Adobe PDF Pre-Flight program

You can choose between a black and white or full color interior. All books are printed with a full color cover. If you choose to include color images, they may be tagged with your choice of CMYK or RGB profiles, or left untagged in a generic color space. If you choose to include black and white images, they should be converted to grayscale and sized at 100%.


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