May 30

How Do You See The Father? National Foster Care Month


 My husband and me were foster parents for almost 2 years.

We had 6 foster children in that time. Foster care takes a special kind of person one that looks beyond the current behavior patterns the child has built up as a defense and the thought patterns that has come about because of the abuse or neglect.As therapeutic foster parents we had children with very bad acting out behavior. You see like God we must look at abused children and see them as they can be and not at there current acting out behavior. Most people think that foster care is about this very loving child that needs to be love but it is so much more than that. A foster child has been violated in some way and because of that certain unwanted behavior is the result. Just like the Christian whose behavior is not right (sinning) we often equate our Fathers love with our behavior. But God does not look at HIS child that way. He loves us in spite of our behavior. He sees us already perfect. He see us as He died for us to be. So it is with foster care, the child must be looked at and loved in spite of the behavior. Christian just like foster children must learned they are loved not for their behavior but because of who they are.

Each child was created special with a purpose and a mission. The more we surrender to the Fathers love them more we discover who we are and why we are here. Just like foster children when we think we have done wrong we act out, we (miss the mark) we hide from God and His love. We think we are not good enough to receive that love. It is a viscous cycle. The more we learn that God’s love is unconditional the more we can walk in that love. A foster parents who knows Jesus as their Father understands how to love, lead and discipline with supernatural love.

Today if you don’t know Jesus as your Father just ask Him to be your Lord. He will lead and guide you every step in your life. Remember God is not mad at you, He loves you and send His only Son to die for you. He wants many Sons. So learn WHO you are IN Him and lean in on the Fathers love.


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  1. Kevin Ashwe

    Trully,there is no father like Jehovah. He treats us like no one else can. Lets learn to treat others like he treats us. Let love others unconditionally like he loves us.

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