How do I FIND my book on Amazon for Sale?



How can I find my book on
If your book is enabled in the,, and Amazon Europe sales channels, enter your ISBN into the URLs below and you will be able to access your detail pages on these sites directly.[YOUR ISBN][YOUR ISBN][YOUR ISBN][YOUR ISBN][YOUR ISBN][YOUR ISBN][YOUR ISBN]

Once you approve your book for sale and enable the and Amazon Europe sales channels within your Member Account, your book will appear for sale on,,,,, and within 5 business days. Your title may not be available for sale on your detail pages until Amazon has finished building them.

Search Results
The search results on,, and Amazon’s European websites are based on a number of factors including sales, keywords, title information, and edition.  If you use the “All Departments” category, you will receive results for items that have similar keywords. This means the search results may deliver the top-selling items, including CDs, DVDs, and books, along with other products. Use the “Books” category, to narrow your search.

Best Editions
The Best Edition is a book that appears on each Amazon retail site’s main search page. Other editions with the same content are linked to the main detail page. Amazon chooses these titles based on a set of rules including edition, binding, format, and sales history.