Nov 27

Hearing God is Your Inheritance


If you want to hear more from God than honor what He tells you to do. I keep a diary of my directions I get from God.

Here is an example of what He said to me lately.

Yesterday  morning God told me to send out my host on a “recovery mission” that I was also to sow “recovery seeds”. I was to speak the word of God about recovery and to send the Angel.Now I lost or had stolen many things by the devil so I was not sure WHAT He wanted me to recover, but as I thought on this message he gave me more instructions the next day.

This morning the Holy Spirit told me something. I had lost four children Isaac, Jacob, Mary and Christina they’re all in heaven but what the Lord reminded me of is not only did I have four children stolen from me but their inheritance and Destiny stolen from me and from God. There spouses never got to marry them they never had children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren that whole lineage was stolen from me so he said believe and decree and declare that their inheritance, talents, abilities, mantels, gifts, and callings with fall upon my two children on the Earth and that that lineage would continue through them.

If you listen to your dreams and ask for the understanding you will learn the secrets of your soul and heart and also you will learn the love the Father has for you. God wants you to succeed in everything you do and He is always talking to you, honor Him and He will talk more. Just like your kids the more you listen to them…. the more they talk. We are God’s kids and HE wants to talk with us and have our company. You can increase His presence by honoring Him and worshiping Him. Trust the Holy Spirit IN you to help you communicate with God.

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