Apr 22

Guest Post- Drawing Strength from the Psalm of David (Psalm 23)


The psalm of David or psalm 23 (The Lord is My Shepherd) is perhaps one of the most recognizable passages from the Bible, widely quoted and recited both in times of darkest need and overwhelming gratitude. It has been a source of comfort for countless dying souls and a well of courage for those preparing to go into battle. One’s circumstances needn’t and shouldn’t be so dire for us to call upon it though – there is a lot to be gleamed from its words that can help bring about a more positive attitude towards our situation and life in general.

One can find its first line on numerous icons, Christian pendants and other religious paraphernalia, but its significance is frequently overlooked. The duties of a shepherd were considered lowly and demeaning, often times relegated to children. It is even more humbling therefore that God would stoop to such a role in order to guide and protect his faithful flock. We shouldn’t view the word sheep in a derogatory sense here; to a real shepherd, a sheep isn’t just a dumb animal – it is a commodity, an investment and something to stake one’s future on. God is both humbling himself and honoring his followers, having faith in our potential to grow and develop spirituality.

The word my shouldn’t be overlooked either. It signifies that the connection between oneself and the Lord is a deeply personal one. This particular relationship is important not just to David, but to God as well.

David is content with what the Lord has provided him. This doesn’t mean that he has been rewarded generously, but that he takes what the Lord has deemed enough for him with gratitude, vowing not to ask for more. Even though he is a king of Israel, he acknowledges that he doesn’t know the answers to all of his troubles. Only with the guidance of a higher power can he find contentment and ease within himself.

Since his cravings are diminished and his faith in the Lord’s guidance is unquestioning, he now has the inner strength even to walk through the iconic valley of the shadow of death without fear, because even the prospect of death becomes insignificant with the Lord by his side. For one such as David there is no more need to fret. Even in the face of adversity the Lord’s rewards and favor are plentiful, and will remain so as long as He is within one’s heart.

It doesn’t take a stretch of imagination for us to apply this biblical knowledge to our own circumstances. We have it within us to influence our lives to a degree by reflecting on our desires and expectations, adjusting them if they are at odds with reality. There are many more variables we cannot control however, so expending energy on worry and fear is neither productive nor logical. What we can do is to live life according to what’s right and tackle the difficulties we can do something about head on. The rest is in the Lord’s benevolent hands.

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