Dec 20

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gift to god


God is love and He loves you so much He SENT His Son to die so He could have a RELATIONSHIP with YOU! Our fallen nature keep us from fellowship with God. God desired our fellowship but sin can not stand in the presence of God. God had a solution, He send His Son to pay the price for our sin so He could again love on His family! When you receive that He paid the price for our lifetime of sin you can again come into His presence and be His family.


God has family of all kinds and today we learned about: TV network A&E announced Wednesday it would put Phil on an “indefinite” hiatus from Duck Dynasty for his comments made to GQ, which were called “vile” by GLAAD. Since then, supporters (including politicians) have rallied on both sides of the issue.

I pray that America will again become “one nation UNDER GOD” I pray that as Christians stand up for what they believe the BIBLE says that they will not be shut out of the media but that the country will stand up and say “WE are a nation of Christians”
God has created male and female to become one flesh and to procreate anything other than that is perversion. God has always created the best and the devil tries to twist it. Do I believe a Christian can be a “Christian and a gay person” yes, Do I believe a Christian can be a lair, fearful and Christian? Yes BUT once you LEARN WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST and EXPERIENCE the LOVE of Christ YOU WILL NO LONGER BE gay, fearful or any other sinful thing. Will you mess up? Yea we all do! Will you go to hell cause you messed up? NO! Accept Jesus righteousness and grace and be EMPOWERED NOT TO SIN. SIN IS SIN there is not a greater degree of sin, man makes that rule that one sin is worse than another. I find that Christians are the most hateful when it comes to loving people who are gay, saved or not saved. If you tell a Christian that someone who is gay is a Christian BAM they are on  the defense! Let me remind you. JESUS DIED FOR SINNERS in which we all were…. YOU did not become perfect! You still mess up. Some are still baby Christians living in the same lifestyle. IT is as we look on Jesus and see Him and His love that we change that we become who HE created us to be! One step at a time! Just like any sin, we might not see it as sin right away and stay in the same lifestyle it is only when we truly fall in love with Jesus and see His love that we will begin the process of BECOMING who He created us to be. Man & Women full of His power, peace and presence created to live life in HIS LIKENESS! So yes I believe a person can be a Christian and live a sinful or ungodly lifestyle until they grow up in Christ. Do I think it is a good think to be gay? No It is not God’s original intent for mankind and because of that the door is open for the devil to kill steal and destroy. There own concision will also produce in them, guilt, shame and condemnation which will prevent them from being free or have peace. Sin always reaps consequences THAT IS WHAT GOD IS TRYING TO PROTECT US FROM BY TELLING US NOT TO SIN THE CONSEQUENCES. Remember God is a Daddy! Daddy’s do not stop loving there kids cause them mess up. So Christian learn to walk in love and be patience and stop being so judgmental and hateful. And gay person, GOD did NOT create you gay, He has something far better for you, you can do anything with Gods help just learn about His love FOR YOU!

Now all we have to do is receive that gift and allow Him to BLESS us, Fill us, Serve us, that is HIS WILL. Jesus came to serve us, so RECEIVE that gift. If you do not know God personally just say this prayer. FATHER GOD, I receive your gift of Jesus dying for me, I want to be part of your family. Show me and teach me about your love for me in Jesus name.









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  1. Yunus Sadiq

    Jingle Bells are Ringing winter had come, The dense winter at nights see the stars are shining, The birthday of JESUS is coming in this season So enjoy the winter season and Celebrate the birth of Son of the Heavenly LORD

    & remember my Son Issac Samson in all the Blessed season of Advent, He is kidnapped since 29th Feb’2012 & yet there is no news about him. May GOD bring him before Christmas Celebrations. Have a Blessed & incredible Advent Season.

    Please kindly Pray for my Son Issac Samson, He is kidnapped since 29-02-2012 at 8:15 am, He was working at GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL, Orangi Town, Karachi, Pakistan (South Korean-Run hospital). And yet there is no news about him. May GOD bring him soon. Amen. Thank You, GOD BLESS YOU.
    Dated 29.02.2012 ,’,’,’, 21.12.2013.



  3. manoj thomas

    i love god so much in my life and i got more power come to me and my familye

  4. rishabh tripathi

    love is god

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