Mar 23

Give food to food pantry using technolofy- Guest Post


We live in a connected world where smart phones and tablets allow us to be in near constant and instantaneous communication with each other. A large majority of the population in the United States and in other developed countries have access to this technology, and those devices have become such a big part of our lives that many of us forget what it was like not to have these technological marvels at the ready at all times. For example there is a way to donate funds now to food pantry.BASKETS

But not everyone in the world has access to this technology or the gifts. While the populations of the developed world are mostly connected, there are billions of people in the undeveloped world that have no access to the basic necessities of life, and probably would not recognize a smart phone if one was handed to them or even use it to donate by credit card. Even in the developed countries of the world, not everyone has access to even a basic cellular phone or credit card. These people living in poverty around the entire world would love to have another meal, and you can help them with that by donating gift online.


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