Mar 02

Free Book – Use Your Words to Change Your World by Robin Bremer


Here is my new book site. You can get this book free it has about 41 pages in it and sells on Amazon Kindle for $5.00.

Words are spirit and they are alive. Words  create pictures in your heart. Your spirit takes those pictures and creates them in your life. What words are you speaking today? What things are you giving life to? Your words are seeds that bring a harvest into your life. Our spirit man is the ground and words are the seed, and our spirit cannot but help create for us the words that we speak. Just like the ground in the natural causes what is sown into it to grow and produce a harvest, so does your spirit. Whatever you focus on and give your attention and words to, your spirit will grow and produce. This book will show you how to apply the Kingdom keys to bring in the harvest you desire.

bookcover USE your words

GET your FREE BOOK here http://supernaturalanswersnow.kazzoepress.com/


This is my latest book out on Amazon.


ribbons coloring book



One of my followers wanted a list of all my books at once so here they are! I am working on 3 right now.

Here is the My Book Store of Published and Kindle books 17 in all.


my books 1 my book 2

Here is my Digital Download Store  It has bargains and packages.  http://robinbremer.net/store/#!/~/category/id=0&inview=category8455223&offset=0&sort=normal



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